Maharana Pratap Airport (UDR)

Udaipur, India

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Latitude: 24.6177
Longitude 73.8961
Elevation: 1684 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from UDR

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
9W 744Jet Airways (India)(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport8:50 PM(DEL) Delhi
6E 484IndiGo(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport8:10 PM(HYD) Hyderabad
9W 974Jet Airways (India)(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport7:30 PM(BOM) Mumbai
6E 2299IndiGo(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport7:15 PM(DEL) Delhi
6E 437IndiGo(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport5:35 PM(JAI) Jaipur
AI 644Air India(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport4:40 PM(BOM) Mumbai
6E 753IndiGo(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport3:15 PM(BOM) Mumbai
AI 472Air India(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport3:05 PM(DEL) Delhi
6E 2315IndiGo(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport2:10 PM(DEL) Delhi
9W 838Jet Airways (India)(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport1:55 PM(DEL) Delhi
6E 514IndiGo(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport12:25 PM(MAA) Chennai
6E 748IndiGo(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport10:00 AM(BOM) Mumbai
SG 8637SpiceJet(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport9:00 AM(JAI) Jaipur
9W 182Jet Airways (India)(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport7:10 AM(DEL) Delhi
9W 328Jet Airways (India)(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport6:55 AM(BOM) Mumbai

Last added routes from UDR

Route Origin Destination
UDR-HYD(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport(HYD) Rajiv Gandhi International AirportUdaipur, IN (UDR) to Hyderabad, IN (HYD)
UDR-MAA(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport(MAA) Chennai International AirportUdaipur, IN (UDR) to Chennai, IN (MAA)
UDR-DWC(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport(DWC) Al Maktoum International AirportUdaipur, IN (UDR) to Jebel Ali, AE (DWC)
UDR-JAI(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport(JAI) Jaipur International AirportUdaipur, IN (UDR) to Jaipur, IN (JAI)
UDR-DEL(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport(DEL) Indira Gandhi International AirportUdaipur, IN (UDR) to New Delhi, IN (DEL)
UDR-BOM(UDR) Maharana Pratap Airport(BOM) Chhatrapati Shivaji International AirportUdaipur, IN (UDR) to Mumbai, IN (BOM)

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