Bermuda Dunes Airport (UDD)

Palm Springs, United States

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Latitude: 33.7484
Longitude -116.275
Elevation: 73 ft
Local Code: UDD

Last updated flights departing from UDD

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 780NetJets Aviation(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport12:00 PM(SAA) Saratoga
1I 539NetJets Aviation(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport4:21 PM(VNY) Los Angeles
OPT 344Flight Options(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport6:40 AM(LAX) Los Angeles
OPT 359Flight Options(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport10:00 AM(TKF) Truckee
LXJ 402Flexjet(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport3:00 PM(VNY) Los Angeles
1I 360NetJets Aviation(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport3:30 PM(LVK) Livermore
1I 536NetJets Aviation(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport4:30 PM(BFI) Seattle
1I 525NetJets Aviation(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport4:00 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
1I 557NetJets Aviation(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport11:00 AM(RNT) Renton
1I 783NetJets Aviation(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport2:00 PM(SAA) Saratoga
OPT 372Flight Options(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport10:30 AM(SJC) San Jose
1I 325NetJets Aviation(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport3:06 PM(DAL) Dallas
AN 4Advanced Air(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport2:00 PM(HHR) Hawthorne
LXJ 425Flexjet(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport3:30 PM(SNA) Santa Ana
1I 300NetJets Aviation(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport3:06 PM(SCF) Phoenix

Last added routes from UDD

Route Origin Destination
UDD-RNT(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport(RNT) Renton Municipal AirportPalm Springs, US (UDD) to Renton, US (RNT)
UDD-SBD(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport(SBD) San Bernardino International AirportPalm Springs, US (UDD) to San Bernardino, US (SBD)
UDD-E25(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport(E25) Palm Springs, US (UDD) to E25
UDD-PIA(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport(PIA) General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International AirpPalm Springs, US (UDD) to Peoria, US (PIA)
UDD-CEC(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport(CEC) Jack Mc Namara Field AirportPalm Springs, US (UDD) to Crescent City, US (CEC)
UDD-BXS(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport(BXS) Borrego Valley AirportPalm Springs, US (UDD) to Borrego Springs, US (BXS)
UDD-PRB(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport(PRB) Paso Robles Municipal AirportPalm Springs, US (UDD) to Paso Robles, US (PRB)
UDD-CAK(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport(CAK) Akron Canton Regional AirportPalm Springs, US (UDD) to Akron, US (CAK)
UDD-SAT(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport(SAT) San Antonio International AirportPalm Springs, US (UDD) to San Antonio, US (SAT)
UDD-FCA(UDD) Bermuda Dunes Airport(FCA) Glacier Park International AirportPalm Springs, US (UDD) to Kalispell, US (FCA)

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