Lake Tahoe Airport (TVL)

South Lake Tahoe, United States

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Latitude: 38.8939
Longitude -119.995
Elevation: 6264 ft
Local Code: TVL

Last updated flights departing from TVL

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 330NetJets Aviation(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport3:00 PM(LVK) Livermore
LXJ 413Flexjet(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport4:48 PM(RNO) Reno
1I 633NetJets Aviation(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport9:30 AM(SDX) Sedona
OPT 373Flight Options(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport11:30 AM(HSH) Las Vegas
OPT 978Flight Options(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport1:56 PM(MMH) Mammoth Lakes
XOJ 406XOJET(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport1:02 PM(SFO) San Francisco
XOJ 557XOJET(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport10:30 AM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 657NetJets Aviation(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport3:30 PM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 390NetJets Aviation(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport11:00 AM(HND) Tokyo
1I 648NetJets Aviation(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport6:41 AM(HCR) Holy Cross
1I 386NetJets Aviation(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport6:15 PM(RNO) Reno
XE* 256JetSuiteX(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport2:45 PM(BUR) Burbank
1I 798NetJets Aviation(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport6:45 PM(SFO) San Francisco
LXJ 473Flexjet(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport7:30 AM(BFI) Seattle
LXJ 473Flexjet(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport2:55 PM(RNO) Reno

Last added routes from TVL

Route Origin Destination
TVL-SDX(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport(SDX) Sedona AirportSouth Lake Tahoe, US (TVL) to Sedona, US (SDX)
TVL-HSH(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport(HSH) Henderson Executive AirportSouth Lake Tahoe, US (TVL) to Las Vegas, US (HSH)
TVL-MMH(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport(MMH) Mammoth Yosemite AirportSouth Lake Tahoe, US (TVL) to Mammoth Lakes, US (MMH)
TVL-HND(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport(HND) Tokyo Haneda International AirportSouth Lake Tahoe, US (TVL) to Tokyo, JP (HND)
TVL-HCR(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport(HCR) Holy Cross AirportSouth Lake Tahoe, US (TVL) to Holy Cross, US (HCR)
TVL-FCM(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport(FCM) Flying Cloud AirportSouth Lake Tahoe, US (TVL) to Minneapolis, US (FCM)
TVL-MFR(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport(MFR) Rogue Valley International Medford AirportSouth Lake Tahoe, US (TVL) to Medford, US (MFR)
TVL-ERV(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport(ERV) Kerrville Municipal Louis Schreiner FieldSouth Lake Tahoe, US (TVL) to Kerrville, US (ERV)
TVL-KSZT(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport(KSZT) South Lake Tahoe, US (TVL) to KSZT
TVL-MLJ(TVL) Lake Tahoe Airport(MLJ) South Lake Tahoe, US (TVL) to MLJ

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