Portland Troutdale Airport (TTD)

Portland, United States

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Latitude: 45.5494
Longitude -122.401
Elevation: 39 ft
Local Code: TTD

Last updated flights departing from TTD

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
NGF 7070Angel Flight America(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport11:15 AM(BFI) Seattle
1I 316NetJets Aviation(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport1:21 PM(CCR) Concord
BAI 356Boutique Air(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport6:30 PM(PDT) Pendleton
NGF 6120Angel Flight America(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport1:30 PM(BFI) Seattle
BAI 352Boutique Air(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport8:05 AM(PDT) Pendleton
NGF 6324Angel Flight America(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport11:30 AM(BFI) Seattle
1I 906NetJets Aviation(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport9:30 AM(EUG) Eugene
1I 317NetJets Aviation(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport10:30 AM(SCF) Phoenix
NGF 7421Angel Flight America(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport9:00 AM(TIW) Tacoma
NGF 7421Angel Flight America(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport11:45 AM(TIW) Tacoma
1I 521NetJets Aviation(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport1:00 PM(VNY) Los Angeles
NGF 6494Angel Flight America(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport12:00 PM(BFI) Seattle
NGF 7421Angel Flight America(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport5:15 PM(BFI) Seattle
1I 990NetJets Aviation(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport6:00 AM(TKF) Truckee
NGF 7421Angel Flight America(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport10:00 AM(BFI) Seattle

Last added routes from TTD

Route Origin Destination
TTD-CCR(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport(CCR) Buchanan FieldPortland, US (TTD) to Concord, US (CCR)
TTD-EUG(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport(EUG) Mahlon Sweet FieldPortland, US (TTD) to Eugene, US (EUG)
TTD-TIW(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport(TIW) Tacoma Narrows AirportPortland, US (TTD) to Tacoma, US (TIW)
TTD-VNY(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport(VNY) Van Nuys AirportPortland, US (TTD) to Van Nuys, US (VNY)
TTD-RDD(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport(RDD) Redding Municipal AirportPortland, US (TTD) to Redding, US (RDD)
TTD-YVR(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport(YVR) Vancouver International AirportPortland, US (TTD) to Vancouver, CA (YVR)
TTD-SNA(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport(SNA) John Wayne Airport-Orange County AirportPortland, US (TTD) to Santa Ana, US (SNA)
TTD-BJC(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport(BJC) Rocky Mountain Metropolitan AirportPortland, US (TTD) to Denver, US (BJC)
TTD-OAK(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport(OAK) Metropolitan Oakland International AirportPortland, US (TTD) to Oakland, US (OAK)
TTD-SLE(TTD) Portland Troutdale Airport(SLE) Salem Municipal Airport/McNary FieldPortland, US (TTD) to Salem, US (SLE)

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