Taos Regional Airport (TSM)

Taos, United States

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Latitude: 36.4582
Longitude -105.672
Elevation: 7095 ft
Local Code: SKX

Last updated flights departing from TSM

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
LXJ 418Flexjet(TSM) Taos Regional Airport12:31 PM(BOS) Boston
1I 318NetJets Aviation(TSM) Taos Regional Airport2:17 PM(ABQ) Albuquerque
JTL 12Jet Linx Aviation(TSM) Taos Regional Airport2:30 PM(SAT) San Antonio
1I 373NetJets Aviation(TSM) Taos Regional Airport2:00 PM(APA) Denver
1I 914NetJets Aviation(TSM) Taos Regional Airport11:25 AM(FTW) Fort Worth
1I 641NetJets Aviation(TSM) Taos Regional Airport2:30 PM(APA) Denver
JTL 91Jet Linx Aviation(TSM) Taos Regional Airport2:45 PM(GUC) Gunnison
RSP 134JetSuite(TSM) Taos Regional Airport4:30 PM(RIL) Rifle
1I 767NetJets Aviation(TSM) Taos Regional Airport10:30 AM(EWR) Newark
1I 791NetJets Aviation(TSM) Taos Regional Airport10:30 AM(EWR) Newark
1I 234NetJets Aviation(TSM) Taos Regional Airport10:30 AM(EWR) Newark
1I 783NetJets Aviation(TSM) Taos Regional Airport1:15 PM(SCF) Phoenix
LXJ 584Flexjet(TSM) Taos Regional Airport9:30 AM(DAL) Dallas
EJM 858Executive Jet Management(TSM) Taos Regional Airport5:30 PM(CMH) Columbus
XSR 301AirShare LLC(TSM) Taos Regional Airport10:40 AM(DAL) Dallas

Last added routes from TSM

Route Origin Destination
TSM-BOS(TSM) Taos Regional Airport(BOS) General Edward Lawrence Logan International AirporTaos, US (TSM) to Boston, US (BOS)
TSM-FTW(TSM) Taos Regional Airport(FTW) Fort Worth Meacham International AirportTaos, US (TSM) to Fort Worth, US (FTW)
TSM-GUC(TSM) Taos Regional Airport(GUC) Gunnison Crested Butte Regional AirportTaos, US (TSM) to Gunnison, US (GUC)
TSM-EWR(TSM) Taos Regional Airport(EWR) Newark Liberty International AirportTaos, US (TSM) to Newark, US (EWR)
TSM-CMH(TSM) Taos Regional Airport(CMH) John Glenn Columbus International AirportTaos, US (TSM) to Columbus, US (CMH)
TSM-PUB(TSM) Taos Regional Airport(PUB) Pueblo Memorial AirportTaos, US (TSM) to Pueblo, US (PUB)
TSM-FLO(TSM) Taos Regional Airport(FLO) Florence Regional AirportTaos, US (TSM) to Florence, US (FLO)
TSM-KTKI(TSM) Taos Regional Airport(KTKI) Taos, US (TSM) to KTKI
TSM-KDTO(TSM) Taos Regional Airport(KDTO) Taos, US (TSM) to KDTO
TSM-MSP(TSM) Taos Regional Airport(MSP) Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-ChamberlainTaos, US (TSM) to Minneapolis, US (MSP)

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