Turin Airport (TRN)

Torino, Italy

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Latitude: 45.2008
Longitude 7.64963
Elevation: 989 ft
Local Code: TO11

Last updated flights departing from TRN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
U2 4810easyJet(TRN) Turin Airport8:15 PM(NAP) Naples
LH 9449Lufthansa(TRN) Turin Airport8:15 PM(MUC) Munich
EN 8253Air Dolomiti(TRN) Turin Airport8:15 PM(MUC) Munich
BA 2579British Airways(TRN) Turin Airport7:20 PM(LGW) London
EY 2994Etihad Airways(TRN) Turin Airport7:15 PM(FCO) Rome
JU 7129Air Serbia(TRN) Turin Airport7:15 PM(FCO) Rome
SU 4285Aeroflot(TRN) Turin Airport7:15 PM(FCO) Rome
AZ 1430Alitalia(TRN) Turin Airport7:15 PM(FCO) Rome
VOE 1725Volotea(TRN) Turin Airport7:00 PM(NAP) Naples
LG 1508Luxair(TRN) Turin Airport6:50 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 303Lufthansa(TRN) Turin Airport6:50 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
G3 5179Gol(TRN) Turin Airport6:30 PM(CDG) Paris
KL 2109KLM(TRN) Turin Airport6:30 PM(CDG) Paris
AF 1203Air France(TRN) Turin Airport6:30 PM(CDG) Paris
BV 2131Blue Panorama Airlines(TRN) Turin Airport6:15 PM(FCO) Rome

Last added routes from TRN

Route Origin Destination
TRN-LJU(TRN) Turin Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportTorino, IT (TRN) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
TRN-AAL(TRN) Turin Airport(AAL) Aalborg AirportTorino, IT (TRN) to Aalborg, DK (AAL)
TRN-LBA(TRN) Turin Airport(LBA) Leeds Bradford AirportTorino, IT (TRN) to Leeds, GB (LBA)
TRN-WRO(TRN) Turin Airport(WRO) Copernicus Wrocław AirportTorino, IT (TRN) to Wrocław, PL (WRO)
TRN-CMF(TRN) Turin Airport(CMF) Chambéry-Savoie AirportTorino, IT (TRN) to Chambéry/Aix-les-Bains, FR (CMF)
TRN-KTW(TRN) Turin Airport(KTW) Katowice International AirportTorino, IT (TRN) to Katowice, PL (KTW)
TRN-ABZ(TRN) Turin Airport(ABZ) Aberdeen Dyce AirportTorino, IT (TRN) to Aberdeen, GB (ABZ)
TRN-KRK(TRN) Turin Airport(KRK) Kraków John Paul II International AirportTorino, IT (TRN) to Kraków, PL (KRK)
TRN-FEZ(TRN) Turin Airport(FEZ) Saïss AirportTorino, IT (TRN) to Fes, MA (FEZ)
TRN-STR(TRN) Turin Airport(STR) Stuttgart AirportTorino, IT (TRN) to Stuttgart, DE (STR)

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