Toledo Express Airport (TOL)

Toledo, United States

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Latitude: 41.5868
Longitude -83.8078
Elevation: 683 ft
Local Code: TOL

Last updated flights departing from TOL

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
VTM 148Aeronaves TSM(TOL) Toledo Express Airport5:00 PM(BHM) Birmingham
BA 6738British Airways(TOL) Toledo Express Airport6:35 PM(ORD) Chicago
AA 3147American Airlines(TOL) Toledo Express Airport6:35 PM(ORD) Chicago
AA 5479American Airlines(TOL) Toledo Express Airport1:47 PM(CLT) Charlotte
1I 525NetJets Aviation(TOL) Toledo Express Airport1:00 PM(ERI) Erie
QR 5601Qatar Airways(TOL) Toledo Express Airport11:02 AM(ORD) Chicago
AA 3562American Airlines(TOL) Toledo Express Airport11:02 AM(ORD) Chicago
TSU 216Gulf and Caribbean Cargo(TOL) Toledo Express Airport8:30 AM(PTK) Pontiac
AA 5163American Airlines(TOL) Toledo Express Airport8:15 AM(CLT) Charlotte
EY 3213Etihad Airways(TOL) Toledo Express Airport6:07 AM(ORD) Chicago
JL 7435JAL(TOL) Toledo Express Airport6:07 AM(ORD) Chicago
AA 3434American Airlines(TOL) Toledo Express Airport6:07 AM(ORD) Chicago
G4 5801Allegiant Air(TOL) Toledo Express Airport6:40 PM(PIE) Saint Petersburg
LXJ 455Flexjet(TOL) Toledo Express Airport4:30 PM(BKL) Cleveland
UJC 25Ultimate Jetcharters(TOL) Toledo Express Airport4:30 PM(KDKB) De Kalb

Last added routes from TOL

Route Origin Destination
TOL-KEKY(TOL) Toledo Express Airport(KEKY) Toledo, US (TOL) to KEKY
TOL-GDL(TOL) Toledo Express Airport(GDL) Don Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla International AirporToledo, US (TOL) to Guadalajara, MX (GDL)
TOL-VSF(TOL) Toledo Express Airport(VSF) Hartness State (Springfield) AirportToledo, US (TOL) to Springfield, US (VSF)
TOL-KMGY(TOL) Toledo Express Airport(KMGY) Toledo, US (TOL) to KMGY
TOL-FRG(TOL) Toledo Express Airport(FRG) Republic AirportToledo, US (TOL) to Farmingdale, US (FRG)
TOL-DBQ(TOL) Toledo Express Airport(DBQ) Dubuque Regional AirportToledo, US (TOL) to Dubuque, US (DBQ)
TOL-BFM(TOL) Toledo Express Airport(BFM) Mobile Downtown AirportToledo, US (TOL) to Mobile, US (BFM)
TOL-TLC(TOL) Toledo Express Airport(TLC) Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International AirpoToledo, US (TOL) to Toluca, MX (TLC)
TOL-FDY(TOL) Toledo Express Airport(FDY) Findlay AirportToledo, US (TOL) to Findlay, US (FDY)
TOL-YNG(TOL) Toledo Express Airport(YNG) Youngstown Warren Regional AirportToledo, US (TOL) to Youngstown/Warren, US (YNG)

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