Ivato Airport (TNR)

Antananarivo, Madagascar

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Latitude: -18.7969
Longitude 47.4788
Elevation: 4198 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from TNR

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
MD 50Air Madagascar(TNR) Ivato Airport9:05 PM(CDG) Paris
MD 504Air Madagascar(TNR) Ivato Airport6:00 PM(TMM) Tamatave
TZ* 504Tsaradia(TNR) Ivato Airport6:00 PM(TMM) Tamatave
MD 188Air Madagascar(TNR) Ivato Airport4:50 PM(MRU) Mauritius
EK 7280Emirates(TNR) Ivato Airport4:50 PM(MRU) Mauritius
EK 3477Emirates(TNR) Ivato Airport4:50 PM(MRU) Mauritius
AI 6741Air India(TNR) Ivato Airport4:50 PM(MRU) Mauritius
MK 289Air Mauritius(TNR) Ivato Airport4:50 PM(MRU) Mauritius
MD 168Air Madagascar(TNR) Ivato Airport4:35 PM(RUN) Saint Denis de la Reunion
AI 7294Air India(TNR) Ivato Airport4:35 PM(RUN) Saint Denis de la Reunion
UU 612Air Austral(TNR) Ivato Airport4:35 PM(RUN) Saint Denis de la Reunion
MD 138Air Madagascar(TNR) Ivato Airport4:25 PM(NBO) Nairobi
KL 4162KLM(TNR) Ivato Airport4:25 PM(NBO) Nairobi
KQ 257Kenya Airways(TNR) Ivato Airport4:25 PM(NBO) Nairobi
MD 326Air Madagascar(TNR) Ivato Airport4:00 PM(NOS) Nossi-be

Last added routes from TNR

Route Origin Destination
TNR-ISL(TNR) Ivato Airport(ISL) Atatürk International AirportAntananarivo, MG (TNR) to Istanbul, TR (ISL)
TNR-ZSE(TNR) Ivato Airport(ZSE) Pierrefonds AirportAntananarivo, MG (TNR) to St Pierre, RE (ZSE)
TNR-IST(TNR) Ivato Airport(IST) Istanbul AirportAntananarivo, MG (TNR) to Istanbul, TR (IST)
TNR-NDJ(TNR) Ivato Airport(NDJ) N'Djamena International AirportAntananarivo, MG (TNR) to N'Djamena, TD (NDJ)
TNR-ADD(TNR) Ivato Airport(ADD) Addis Ababa Bole International AirportAntananarivo, MG (TNR) to Addis Ababa, ET (ADD)
TNR-CAN(TNR) Ivato Airport(CAN) Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportAntananarivo, MG (TNR) to Guangzhou, CN (CAN)
TNR-HAN(TNR) Ivato Airport(HAN) Noi Bai International AirportAntananarivo, MG (TNR) to Hanoi, VN (HAN)
TNR-WMN(TNR) Ivato Airport(WMN) Maroantsetra AirportAntananarivo, MG (TNR) to WMN
TNR-TMM(TNR) Ivato Airport(TMM) Toamasina AirportAntananarivo, MG (TNR) to TMM
TNR-TLE(TNR) Ivato Airport(TLE) Toliara AirportAntananarivo, MG (TNR) to TLE

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