Yaoqiang Airport (TNA)

Jinan, China

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Latitude: 36.8572
Longitude 117.216
Elevation: 76 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from TNA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
CA 8807Air China(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport5:55 PM(NNG) Nanning
ZH 3097Shenzhen Airlines(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport5:55 PM(NNG) Nanning
SC 8807Shandong Airlines(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport5:55 PM(NNG) Nanning
GX* 8876Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport5:50 PM(NAO) Nanchong
3U 8208Sichuan Airlines(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport5:45 PM(HRB) Harbin
CA 4762Air China(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport5:05 PM(CKG) Chongqing
SC 4762Shandong Airlines(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport5:05 PM(CKG) Chongqing
CA 8887Air China(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport5:00 PM(KIX) Osaka
SC 8087Shandong Airlines(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport5:00 PM(KIX) Osaka
CZ 6960China Southern Airlines(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport5:00 PM(XIY) Xian
CA 1167Air China(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport4:55 PM(SHA) Shanghai
SC 1167Shandong Airlines(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport4:55 PM(SHA) Shanghai
CZ 5016China Southern Airlines(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport4:55 PM(FOC) Fuzhou
MF 8042Xiamen Airlines(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport4:55 PM(FOC) Fuzhou
CA 4807Air China(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport4:50 PM(HAK) Haikou

Last added routes from TNA

Route Origin Destination
TNA-JUZ(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport(JUZ) Quzhou AirportJinan, CN (TNA) to Quzhou, CN (JUZ)
TNA-ZHA(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport(ZHA) Zhanjiang AirportJinan, CN (TNA) to Zhanjiang, CN (ZHA)
TNA-BFJ(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport(BFJ) Bijie Feixiong AirportJinan, CN (TNA) to Bijie, CN (BFJ)
TNA-(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport() Total Rf HeliportJinan, CN (TNA) to Bensalem, US ()
TNA-WDS(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport(WDS) Shiyan Wudangshan AirportJinan, CN (TNA) to Shiyan, CN (WDS)
TNA-JMU(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport(JMU) Jiamusi AirportJinan, CN (TNA) to Jiamusi, CN (JMU)
TNA-DQA(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport(DQA) Saertu AirportJinan, CN (TNA) to Daqing Shi, CN (DQA)
TNA-MDG(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport(MDG) Mudanjiang Hailang International AirportJinan, CN (TNA) to Mudanjiang, CN (MDG)
TNA-YNJ(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport(YNJ) Yanji Chaoyangchuan AirportJinan, CN (TNA) to Yanji, CN (YNJ)
TNA-CDG(TNA) Yaoqiang Airport(CDG) Charles de Gaulle International AirportJinan, CN (TNA) to Paris, FR (CDG)

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