Truckee Tahoe Airport (TKF)

Truckee, United States

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Latitude: 39.32
Longitude -120.14
Elevation: 5900 ft
Local Code: TRK

Last updated flights departing from TKF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 341NetJets Aviation(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport1:46 PM(SFO) San Francisco
RSP 325JetSuite(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport12:10 PM(BFI) Seattle
1I 637NetJets Aviation(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport7:00 AM(SCF) Phoenix
GAJ 831Gama Aviation Signature(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport12:45 PM(BDN) Badin
1I 654NetJets Aviation(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport11:12 AM(NUQ) Mountain View
1I 357NetJets Aviation(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport7:30 AM(SCF) Phoenix
RSP 530JetSuite(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport5:12 PM(MEV) Minden
GAJ 513Gama Aviation Signature(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport2:00 PM(NUQ) Mountain View
1I 626NetJets Aviation(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport8:45 AM(VNY) Los Angeles
GAJ 892Gama Aviation Signature(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport8:30 AM(MRY) Monterey
GAJ 892Gama Aviation Signature(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport11:00 AM(POC) La Verne
AN 40Advanced Air(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport10:45 AM(HHR) Hawthorne
LXJ 587Flexjet(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport6:30 AM(MDW) Chicago
1I 672NetJets Aviation(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport6:00 PM(LAX) Los Angeles
AN 21Advanced Air(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport5:00 PM(SQL) San Carlos

Last added routes from TKF

Route Origin Destination
TKF-MDW(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport(MDW) Chicago Midway International AirportTruckee, US (TKF) to Chicago, US (MDW)
TKF-GCC(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport(GCC) Gillette Campbell County AirportTruckee, US (TKF) to Gillette, US (GCC)
TKF-CPR(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport(CPR) Casper-Natrona County International AirportTruckee, US (TKF) to Casper, US (CPR)
TKF-MDJ(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport(MDJ) Madras Municipal AirportTruckee, US (TKF) to Madras, US (MDJ)
TKF-WLW(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport(WLW) Willows Glenn County AirportTruckee, US (TKF) to Willows, US (WLW)
TKF-ELP(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport(ELP) El Paso International AirportTruckee, US (TKF) to El Paso, US (ELP)
TKF-MTJ(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport(MTJ) Montrose Regional AirportTruckee, US (TKF) to Montrose, US (MTJ)
TKF-HCR(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport(HCR) Holy Cross AirportTruckee, US (TKF) to Holy Cross, US (HCR)
TKF-RDM(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport(RDM) Roberts FieldTruckee, US (TKF) to Redmond, US (RDM)
TKF-MYF(TKF) Truckee Tahoe Airport(MYF) Montgomery-Gibbs Executive AirportTruckee, US (TKF) to San Diego, US (MYF)

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