Tenerife South Airport (TFS)

Tenerife Island, Spain

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Latitude: 28.0445
Longitude -16.5725
Elevation: 209 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from TFS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
WW* 635WOW Air(TFS) Tenerife South Airport8:55 PM(KEF) Reykjavik
TOM 3245Thomson(TFS) Tenerife South Airport8:50 PM(DSA) Doncaster
TOM 1289Thomson(TFS) Tenerife South Airport8:45 PM(GLA) Glasgow
TOM 1249Thomson(TFS) Tenerife South Airport8:30 PM(NCL) Newcastle
W6 2832Wizz Air(TFS) Tenerife South Airport8:15 PM(VIE) Vienna
TOM 6287Thomson(TFS) Tenerife South Airport7:30 PM(CWL) Cardiff
FR 7123Ryanair(TFS) Tenerife South Airport7:20 PM(DUB) Dublin
NT 154Binter Canarias(TFS) Tenerife South Airport7:10 PM(LPA) Las Palmas
FR 4331Ryanair(TFS) Tenerife South Airport7:00 PM(MAN) Manchester
D8* 1065Norwegian Air International(TFS) Tenerife South Airport6:50 PM(FCO) Rome
EY 7984Etihad Airways(TFS) Tenerife South Airport6:40 PM(DUB) Dublin
EI 765Aer Lingus(TFS) Tenerife South Airport6:40 PM(DUB) Dublin
U2 6096easyJet(TFS) Tenerife South Airport6:30 PM(BRS) Bristol
SU 2549Aeroflot(TFS) Tenerife South Airport6:15 PM(SVO) Moscow
FR 4347Ryanair(TFS) Tenerife South Airport6:05 PM(LPL) Liverpool

Last added routes from TFS

Route Origin Destination
TFS-TKU(TFS) Tenerife South Airport(TKU) Turku AirportTenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Turku, FI (TKU)
TFS-GRQ(TFS) Tenerife South Airport(GRQ) Eelde AirportTenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Groningen, NL (GRQ)
TFS-SOF(TFS) Tenerife South Airport(SOF) Sofia AirportTenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Sofia, BG (SOF)
TFS-NCE(TFS) Tenerife South Airport(NCE) Nice-Côte d'Azur AirportTenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Nice, FR (NCE)
TFS-LIS(TFS) Tenerife South Airport(LIS) Humberto Delgado Airport (Lisbon Portela Airport)Tenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Lisbon, PT (LIS)
TFS-KBP(TFS) Tenerife South Airport(KBP) Boryspil International AirportTenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Kiev, UA (KBP)
TFS-SCN(TFS) Tenerife South Airport(SCN) Saarbrücken AirportTenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Saarbrücken, DE (SCN)
TFS-TLV(TFS) Tenerife South Airport(TLV) Ben Gurion International AirportTenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Tel Aviv, IL (TLV)
TFS-JER(TFS) Tenerife South Airport(JER) Jersey AirportTenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Saint Helier, JE (JER)
TFS-SVG(TFS) Tenerife South Airport(SVG) Stavanger Airport SolaTenerife Island, ES (TFS) to Stavanger, NO (SVG)

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