Teterboro Airport (TEB)

Teterboro, United States

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Latitude: 40.8501
Longitude -74.0608
Elevation: 9 ft
Local Code: TEB

Last updated flights departing from TEB

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
TJ 2102Tradewind Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport2:50 PM(ACK) Nantucket
1I 775NetJets Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport2:48 PM(CLE) Cleveland
1I 259NetJets Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport2:30 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City
TJ 515Tradewind Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport2:20 PM(ACK) Nantucket
EJM 86Executive Jet Management(TEB) Teterboro Airport2:18 PM(OXC) Oxford
LXJ 570Flexjet(TEB) Teterboro Airport1:51 PM(HTO) East Hampton
XOJ 550XOJET(TEB) Teterboro Airport1:30 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City
1I 581NetJets Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport1:30 PM(FRG) Farmingdale
1I 776NetJets Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport1:24 PM(RKD) Rockland
1I 258NetJets Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport1:24 PM(GFL) Glens Falls
1I 730NetJets Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport12:03 PM(RKD) Rockland
1I 660NetJets Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport5:00 PM(RKD) Rockland
TJ 307Tradewind Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport4:00 PM(OXC) Oxford
1I 592NetJets Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport8:45 AM(PWM) Portland
1I 383NetJets Aviation(TEB) Teterboro Airport8:30 AM(IAD) Dulles

Last added routes from TEB

Route Origin Destination
TEB-OCW(TEB) Teterboro Airport(OCW) Warren FieldTeterboro, US (TEB) to Washington, US (OCW)
TEB-CPH(TEB) Teterboro Airport(CPH) Copenhagen Kastrup AirportTeterboro, US (TEB) to Copenhagen, DK (CPH)
TEB-BOG(TEB) Teterboro Airport(BOG) El Dorado International AirportTeterboro, US (TEB) to Bogota, CO (BOG)
TEB-YYR(TEB) Teterboro Airport(YYR) Goose Bay AirportTeterboro, US (TEB) to Goose Bay, CA (YYR)
TEB-YDF(TEB) Teterboro Airport(YDF) Deer Lake AirportTeterboro, US (TEB) to Deer Lake, CA (YDF)
TEB-KMRH(TEB) Teterboro Airport(KMRH) Teterboro, US (TEB) to KMRH
TEB-CIU(TEB) Teterboro Airport(CIU) Chippewa County International AirportTeterboro, US (TEB) to Sault Ste Marie, US (CIU)
TEB-BMA(TEB) Teterboro Airport(BMA) Stockholm-Bromma AirportTeterboro, US (TEB) to Stockholm, SE (BMA)
TEB-YCL(TEB) Teterboro Airport(YCL) Charlo AirportTeterboro, US (TEB) to Charlo, CA (YCL)
TEB-KBST(TEB) Teterboro Airport(KBST) Teterboro, US (TEB) to KBST

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