Liuting Airport (TAO)

Qingdao, China

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Latitude: 36.2661
Longitude 120.374
Elevation: 33 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from TAO

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
CZ 5292China Southern Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:55 PM(HGH) Hangzhou
MF 8534Xiamen Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:55 PM(HGH) Hangzhou
MU 5366China Eastern Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:55 PM(HFE) Hefei
CA 4713Air China(TAO) Liuting Airport5:40 PM(CTU) Chengdu
SC 4713Shandong Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:40 PM(CTU) Chengdu
CZ 9462China Southern Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:35 PM(SHA) Shanghai
MU 5524China Eastern Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:35 PM(SHA) Shanghai
MU 536China Eastern Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:30 PM(PEK) Beijing
HO 1671Juneyao Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:30 PM(INC) Yinchuan
HU 7722Hainan Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:15 PM(NGB) Ningbo
CGH 1078Air Guilin(TAO) Liuting Airport5:15 PM(XFN) Xiangyang
PN 6268West Air (China)(TAO) Liuting Airport5:10 PM(CKG) Chongqing
MF 1888Xiamen Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:10 PM(PVG) Shanghai
KL 4509KLM(TAO) Liuting Airport5:10 PM(PVG) Shanghai
CZ 6225China Southern Airlines(TAO) Liuting Airport5:10 PM(PVG) Shanghai

Last added routes from TAO

Route Origin Destination
TAO-JUZ(TAO) Liuting Airport(JUZ) Quzhou AirportQingdao, CN (TAO) to Quzhou, CN (JUZ)
TAO-SWA(TAO) Liuting Airport(SWA) Jieyang Chaoshan International AirportQingdao, CN (TAO) to Shantou, CN (SWA)
TAO-HJJ(TAO) Liuting Airport(HJJ) Zhijiang AirportQingdao, CN (TAO) to Huaihua, CN (HJJ)
TAO-WXN(TAO) Liuting Airport(WXN) Wanxian AirportQingdao, CN (TAO) to Wanxian, CN (WXN)
TAO-DAT(TAO) Liuting Airport(DAT) Datong AirportQingdao, CN (TAO) to Datong, CN (DAT)
TAO-MFM(TAO) Liuting Airport(MFM) Macau International AirportQingdao, CN (TAO) to Macau, MO (MFM)
TAO-WUT(TAO) Liuting Airport(WUT) Xinzhou Wutaishan AirportQingdao, CN (TAO) to Xinzhou, CN (WUT)
TAO-KBV(TAO) Liuting Airport(KBV) Krabi AirportQingdao, CN (TAO) to Krabi, TH (KBV)
TAO-HIA(TAO) Liuting Airport(HIA) Lianshui AirportQingdao, CN (TAO) to Huai'an, CN (HIA)
TAO-LAX(TAO) Liuting Airport(LAX) Los Angeles International AirportQingdao, CN (TAO) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)

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