Berlin-Schönefeld Airport (SXF)

Berlin, Germany

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Latitude: 52.38
Longitude 13.5225
Elevation: 157 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from SXF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
W6 7740Wizz Air(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport10:25 PM(SKP) Skopje
FR 8545Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport10:25 PM(STN) London
LY 2374El Al(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport10:00 PM(TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo
DY 4508Norwegian Air Shuttle(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport9:45 PM(ARN) Stockholm
FR 2529Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport8:50 PM(MAD) Madrid
W6 4276Wizz Air(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport8:50 PM(TZL) Tuzla
DY 1109Norwegian Air Shuttle(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport8:05 PM(OSL) Oslo
FR 1134Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport7:40 PM(BCN) Barcelona
FR 4068Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport7:30 PM(TFS) Tenerife
U2 4567easyJet(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport7:30 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
FR 189Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport7:20 PM(CGN) Cologne
U2 4733easyJet(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport6:55 PM(VIE) Vienna
U2 4635easyJet(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport6:50 PM(BSL) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse
FR 4734Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport6:45 PM(BGY) Milan
FR 140Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport6:40 PM(CIA) Rome

Last added routes from SXF

Route Origin Destination
SXF-AOI(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(AOI) Ancona Falconara AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Ancona, IT (AOI)
SXF-ERF(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(ERF) Erfurt AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Erfurt, DE (ERF)
SXF-BRQ(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(BRQ) Brno-Tuřany AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Brno, CZ (BRQ)
SXF-LPP(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(LPP) Lappeenranta AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Lappeenranta, FI (LPP)
SXF-BNX(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(BNX) Banja Luka International AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Banja Luka, BA (BNX)
SXF-AQJ(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(AQJ) Aqaba King Hussein International AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Aqaba, JO (AQJ)
SXF-LJU(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
SXF-BRE(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(BRE) Bremen AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Bremen, DE (BRE)
SXF-TRN(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(TRN) Turin AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Torino, IT (TRN)
SXF-CDG(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(CDG) Charles de Gaulle International AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Paris, FR (CDG)

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