Berlin-Schönefeld Airport (SXF)

Berlin, Germany

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Latitude: 52.38
Longitude 13.5225
Elevation: 157 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from SXF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
U2 4621easyJet(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport11:55 AM(BUD) Budapest
U2 4795easyJet(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport11:50 AM(SZG) Salzburg
FR 185Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport11:45 AM(CGN) Cologne
U2 7652easyJet(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport11:30 AM(LIS) Lisbon
FR 136Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport11:25 AM(BLQ) Bologna
W6 6770Wizz Air(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport11:05 AM(LWO) Lviv
FR 1711Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport11:05 AM(KRK) Krakow
FR 1576Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport11:05 AM(CTA) Catania
FR 8557Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport11:00 AM(DUB) Dublin
LY 2372El Al(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport11:00 AM(TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo
U2 4575easyJet(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport10:55 AM(NAP) Naples
SU 6642Aeroflot(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport10:45 AM(LED) Saint Petersburg
FR 1144Ryanair(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport10:40 AM(MAN) Manchester
U2 4563easyJet(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport10:30 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
U2 4527easyJet(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport10:20 AM(BCN) Barcelona

Last added routes from SXF

Route Origin Destination
SXF-KRP(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(KRP) Karup AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Karup, DK (KRP)
SXF-LGG(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(LGG) Liège AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Liège, BE (LGG)
SXF-GDN(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(GDN) Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Gdańsk, PL (GDN)
SXF-IST(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(IST) Atatürk International AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Istanbul, TR (IST)
SXF-TBS(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(TBS) Tbilisi International AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Tbilisi, GE (TBS)
SXF-NUE(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(NUE) Nuremberg AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Nuremberg, DE (NUE)
SXF-TUN(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(TUN) Tunis Carthage International AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Tunis, TN (TUN)
SXF-TLL(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(TLL) Lennart Meri Tallinn AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Tallinn, EE (TLL)
SXF-HAM(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(HAM) Hamburg AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Hamburg, DE (HAM)
SXF-KVA(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld Airport(KVA) Alexander the Great International AirportBerlin, DE (SXF) to Kavala, GR (KVA)

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