Strasbourg Airport (SXB)

Strasbourg, France

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Latitude: 48.5383
Longitude 7.62823
Elevation: 505 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from SXB

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AT 725Royal Air Maroc(SXB) Strasbourg Airport5:15 PM(CMN) Casablanca
AT 724Royal Air Maroc(SXB) Strasbourg Airport5:05 PM(MRS) Marseille
TU 247Tunisair(SXB) Strasbourg Airport10:05 PM(TUN) Tunis
QS 8741SmartWings(SXB) Strasbourg Airport2:40 PM(PRG) Prague
BT 5665Air Baltic(SXB) Strasbourg Airport2:40 PM(PRG) Prague
OK 741CSA(SXB) Strasbourg Airport2:40 PM(PRG) Prague
9W 4950Jet Airways (India)(SXB) Strasbourg Airport2:30 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
KL 2018KLM(SXB) Strasbourg Airport2:30 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
AF 1336Air France(SXB) Strasbourg Airport2:30 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
AF 5484Air France(SXB) Strasbourg Airport2:05 PM(LYS) Lyon
HOP 4183HOP!(SXB) Strasbourg Airport2:05 PM(LYS) Lyon
AF 5598Air France(SXB) Strasbourg Airport8:20 AM(NTE) Nantes
HOP 3061HOP!(SXB) Strasbourg Airport8:20 AM(NTE) Nantes
VOE 2411Volotea(SXB) Strasbourg Airport7:00 AM(BOD) Bordeaux
AF 5482Air France(SXB) Strasbourg Airport6:45 AM(LYS) Lyon

Last added routes from SXB

Route Origin Destination
SXB-PUF(SXB) Strasbourg Airport(PUF) Pau Pyrénées AirportStrasbourg, FR (SXB) to Pau/Pyrénées (Uzein), FR (PUF)
SXB-BEY(SXB) Strasbourg Airport(BEY) Beirut Rafic Hariri International AirportStrasbourg, FR (SXB) to Beirut, LB (BEY)
SXB-CND(SXB) Strasbourg Airport(CND) Mihail Kogălniceanu International AirportStrasbourg, FR (SXB) to Constanţa, RO (CND)
SXB-ORN(SXB) Strasbourg Airport(ORN) Es Senia AirportStrasbourg, FR (SXB) to Oran, DZ (ORN)
SXB-RHO(SXB) Strasbourg Airport(RHO) Diagoras AirportStrasbourg, FR (SXB) to Rodes Island, GR (RHO)
SXB-ASR(SXB) Strasbourg Airport(ASR) Kayseri Erkilet AirportStrasbourg, FR (SXB) to Kayseri, TR (ASR)
SXB-TLN(SXB) Strasbourg Airport(TLN) Toulon-Hyères AirportStrasbourg, FR (SXB) to Toulon/Hyères/Le Palyvestre, FR (TLN)
SXB-OUD(SXB) Strasbourg Airport(OUD) Angads AirportStrasbourg, FR (SXB) to Oujda, MA (OUD)
SXB-HER(SXB) Strasbourg Airport(HER) Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis AirportStrasbourg, FR (SXB) to Heraklion, GR (HER)
SXB-ETZ(SXB) Strasbourg Airport(ETZ) Metz-Nancy-Lorraine AirportStrasbourg, FR (SXB) to Metz / Nancy, FR (ETZ)

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