Hunter Army Air Field (SVN)

Savannah, United States

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Latitude: 32.01
Longitude -81.1457
Elevation: 41 ft
Local Code: SVN

Last updated flights departing from SVN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
WN 7440Southwest Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field12:00 PM(RIV) Riverside
OAE 520Omni Air International(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field12:15 PM(SNN) Shannon
SPA 703Sierra Pacific Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field10:45 AM(OKC) Oklahoma City
UA 2572United Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field7:00 PM(RIV) Riverside
UA 2573United Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field12:30 PM(RIV) Riverside
WN 7424Southwest Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field10:30 AM(DAL) Dallas
UA 2575United Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field7:00 PM(RIV) Riverside
SY 8922Sun Country Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field11:45 AM(RIV) Riverside
WN 7423Southwest Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field11:00 AM(DAL) Dallas
G4 8057Allegiant Air(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field10:30 AM(RIV) Riverside
SY 8931Sun Country Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field10:15 AM(RIV) Riverside
SY 8904Sun Country Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field9:15 AM(RIV) Riverside
SY 8915Sun Country Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field8:00 AM(RIV) Riverside
SY 8924Sun Country Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field10:00 PM(RIV) Riverside
SY 8914Sun Country Airlines(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field9:25 PM(RIV) Riverside

Last added routes from SVN

Route Origin Destination
SVN-YQX(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field(YQX) Gander International AirportSavannah, US (SVN) to Gander, CA (YQX)
SVN-ONT(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field(ONT) Ontario International AirportSavannah, US (SVN) to Ontario, US (ONT)
SVN-SNN(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field(SNN) Shannon AirportSavannah, US (SVN) to Limerick, IE (SNN)
SVN-GSB(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field(GSB) Seymour Johnson Air Force BaseSavannah, US (SVN) to Goldsboro, US (GSB)
SVN-NZC(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field(NZC) Maria Reiche Neuman AirportSavannah, US (SVN) to Nazca, PE (NZC)
SVN-IND(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field(IND) Indianapolis International AirportSavannah, US (SVN) to Indianapolis, US (IND)
SVN-HHN(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn AirportSavannah, US (SVN) to Frankfurt am Main, DE (HHN)
SVN-BIF(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field(BIF) Biggs Army Air Field (Fort Bliss)Savannah, US (SVN) to Fort Bliss/El Paso, US (BIF)
SVN-MAF(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field(MAF) Midland International AirportSavannah, US (SVN) to Midland, US (MAF)
SVN-LAX(SVN) Hunter Army Air Field(LAX) Los Angeles International AirportSavannah, US (SVN) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)

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