Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN)

Hailey, United States

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Latitude: 43.5044
Longitude -114.296
Elevation: 5318 ft
Local Code: SUN

Last updated flights departing from SUN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
GAJ 831Gama Aviation Signature(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport3:00 PM(IDA) Idaho Falls
RSP 245JetSuite(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport3:00 PM(DLS) The Dalles
1I 308NetJets Aviation(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport2:21 PM(PDX) Portland
5A 1837Alpine Air Express(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport2:00 PM(TWF) Twin Falls
1I 301NetJets Aviation(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport9:30 AM(SJC) San Jose
CPT 8823Corporate Air(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport9:00 AM(TWF) Twin Falls
1I 597NetJets Aviation(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport6:49 PM(PHX) Phoenix
VS 3334Virgin Atlantic(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport3:23 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City
AF 3519Air France(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport3:23 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City
DL 3506Delta Air Lines(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport3:23 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City
GAJ 503Gama Aviation Signature(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport1:15 PM(BOI) Boise
VS 3564Virgin Atlantic(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport12:43 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City
KL 6211KLM(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport12:43 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City
DL 3512Delta Air Lines(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport12:43 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City
RSP 734JetSuite(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport12:00 PM(GJT) Grand Junction

Last added routes from SUN

Route Origin Destination
SUN-FXE(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport(FXE) Fort Lauderdale Executive AirportHailey, US (SUN) to Fort Lauderdale, US (FXE)
SUN-BGR(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport(BGR) Bangor International AirportHailey, US (SUN) to Bangor, US (BGR)
SUN-WVL(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport(WVL) Waterville Robert Lafleur AirportHailey, US (SUN) to Waterville, US (WVL)
SUN-0A9(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport(0A9) Hailey, US (SUN) to 0A9
SUN-CIC(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport(CIC) Chico Municipal AirportHailey, US (SUN) to Chico, US (CIC)
SUN-CID(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport(CID) The Eastern Iowa AirportHailey, US (SUN) to Cedar Rapids, US (CID)
SUN-PRB(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport(PRB) Paso Robles Municipal AirportHailey, US (SUN) to Paso Robles, US (PRB)
SUN-RAC(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport(RAC) John H Batten AirportHailey, US (SUN) to Racine, US (RAC)
SUN-BVY(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport(BVY) Beverly Municipal AirportHailey, US (SUN) to Beverly, US (BVY)
SUN-ONT(SUN) Friedman Memorial Airport(ONT) Ontario International AirportHailey, US (SUN) to Ontario, US (ONT)

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