Witham Field (SUA)

Stuart, United States

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Latitude: 27.1817
Longitude -80.2211
Elevation: 16 ft
Local Code: SUA

Last updated flights departing from SUA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 566NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field10:21 AM(ECP) Panama City
TMC 499Travel Management(SUA) Witham Field8:30 AM(RDU) Raleigh/Durham
1I 238NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field12:00 PM(UGN) Waukegan
1I 314NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field6:28 PM(OPF) Miami
1I 566NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field2:15 PM(PBI) West Palm Beach
1I 521NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field12:33 PM(MCO) Orlando
1I 767NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field12:00 PM(UGN) Waukegan
1I 939NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field11:00 AM(MDW) Chicago
RIX 941Rectrix(SUA) Witham Field10:00 AM(PBI) West Palm Beach
1I 366NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field11:00 AM(BUF) Buffalo
LXJ 404Flexjet(SUA) Witham Field9:00 AM(FWA) Fort Wayne
1I 373NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field3:45 PM(MMU) Morristown
1I 383NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field3:45 PM(MMU) Morristown
1I 781NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field11:39 AM(JAX) Jacksonville
DPJ 70Delta Private Jets(SUA) Witham Field11:30 AM(DTW) Detroit

Last added routes from SUA

Route Origin Destination
SUA-MPO(SUA) Witham Field(MPO) Pocono Mountains Municipal AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Mount Pocono, US (MPO)
SUA-RNC(SUA) Witham Field(RNC) Warren County Memorial AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Mc Minnville, US (RNC)
SUA-SNA(SUA) Witham Field(SNA) John Wayne Airport-Orange County AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Santa Ana, US (SNA)
SUA-LRM(SUA) Witham Field(LRM) Casa De Campo International AirportStuart, US (SUA) to La Romana, DO (LRM)
SUA-LTN(SUA) Witham Field(LTN) London Luton AirportStuart, US (SUA) to London, GB (LTN)
SUA-MAF(SUA) Witham Field(MAF) Midland International AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Midland, US (MAF)
SUA-VJI(SUA) Witham Field(VJI) Virginia Highlands AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Abingdon, US (VJI)
SUA-YTM(SUA) Witham Field(YTM) La Macaza / Mont-Tremblant International Inc AirpoStuart, US (SUA) to Rivière Rouge, CA (YTM)
SUA-KASD(SUA) Witham Field(KASD) Stuart, US (SUA) to KASD
SUA-MCW(SUA) Witham Field(MCW) Mason City Municipal AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Mason City, US (MCW)

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