Witham Field (SUA)

Stuart, United States

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Latitude: 27.1817
Longitude -80.2211
Elevation: 16 ft
Local Code: SUA

Last updated flights departing from SUA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
XOJ 780XOJET(SUA) Witham Field11:00 AM(JAC) Jackson
1I 537NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field3:45 PM(ORH) Worcester
TMC 445Travel Management(SUA) Witham Field3:30 PM(FDK) Frederick
LXJ 524Flexjet(SUA) Witham Field8:49 AM(TUL) Tulsa
1I 524NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field2:45 PM(MIA) Miami
1I 658NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field6:59 AM(APF) Naples
GAJ 890Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(SUA) Witham Field3:30 PM(TPA) Tampa
1I 390NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field11:10 AM(GON) New London
GAJ 500Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(SUA) Witham Field9:30 AM(CTH) Coatesville
EJM 200Executive Jet Management(SUA) Witham Field12:30 PM(PHL) Philadelphia
1I 404NetJets Aviation(SUA) Witham Field11:40 AM(GON) New London
RIX 821Rectrix(SUA) Witham Field9:30 AM(BED) Bedford/Hanscom
LXJ 456Flexjet(SUA) Witham Field6:45 PM(LGA) New York
ERY 385Sky Quest(SUA) Witham Field5:00 PM(RSW) Fort Myers
LXJ 441Flexjet(SUA) Witham Field12:30 PM(ORF) Norfolk

Last added routes from SUA

Route Origin Destination
SUA-ORH(SUA) Witham Field(ORH) Worcester Regional AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Worcester, US (ORH)
SUA-ALE(SUA) Witham Field(ALE) Alpine Casparis Municipal AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Alpine, US (ALE)
SUA-MWL(SUA) Witham Field(MWL) Mineral Wells AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Mineral Wells, US (MWL)
SUA-TCB(SUA) Witham Field(TCB) Treasure Cay AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Treasure Cay, BS (TCB)
SUA-SRC(SUA) Witham Field(SRC) Stuart, US (SUA) to SRC
SUA-KCJR(SUA) Witham Field(KCJR) Stuart, US (SUA) to KCJR
SUA-MCN(SUA) Witham Field(MCN) Middle Georgia Regional AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Macon, US (MCN)
SUA-KVPC(SUA) Witham Field(KVPC) Stuart, US (SUA) to KVPC
SUA-KBUY(SUA) Witham Field(KBUY) Stuart, US (SUA) to KBUY
SUA-FDK(SUA) Witham Field(FDK) Frederick Municipal AirportStuart, US (SUA) to Frederick, US (FDK)

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