Stuttgart Airport (STR)

Stuttgart, Germany

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Latitude: 48.6899
Longitude 9.22196
Elevation: 1276 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from STR

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
IS* 502AIS Airlines(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:50 AM(FMO) Muenster
CX 6724Cathay Pacific(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:40 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
UA 8965United Airlines(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:40 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
SQ 2019Singapore Airlines(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:40 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
NH 6216ANA(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:40 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
AC 9127Air Canada(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:40 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 131Lufthansa(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:40 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 6342Lufthansa(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:30 AM(GRZ) Graz
OS 242Austrian(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:30 AM(GRZ) Graz
EW 7047Eurowings(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:30 AM(HAM) Hamburg
EW 8001Eurowings(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:30 AM(TXL) Berlin
DE 1452Condor(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:25 AM(ACE) Lanzarote
U2 5592easyJet(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:25 AM(TXL) Berlin
CX 6608Cathay Pacific(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:20 AM(ZRH) Zurich
SQ 2925Singapore Airlines(STR) Stuttgart Airport8:20 AM(ZRH) Zurich

Last added routes from STR

Route Origin Destination
STR-PAD(STR) Stuttgart Airport(PAD) Paderborn Lippstadt AirportStuttgart, DE (STR) to Paderborn, DE (PAD)
STR-SXF(STR) Stuttgart Airport(SXF) Berlin-Schönefeld AirportStuttgart, DE (STR) to Berlin, DE (SXF)
STR-MIR(STR) Stuttgart Airport(MIR) Monastir Habib Bourguiba International AirportStuttgart, DE (STR) to Monastir, TN (MIR)
STR-GVA(STR) Stuttgart Airport(GVA) Geneva Cointrin International AirportStuttgart, DE (STR) to Geneva, CH (GVA)
STR-KSF(STR) Stuttgart Airport(KSF) Kassel-Calden AirportStuttgart, DE (STR) to Kassel, DE (KSF)
STR-OSL(STR) Stuttgart Airport(OSL) Oslo Gardermoen AirportStuttgart, DE (STR) to Oslo, NO (OSL)
STR-PRG(STR) Stuttgart Airport(PRG) Václav Havel Airport PragueStuttgart, DE (STR) to Prague, CZ (PRG)
STR-OGU(STR) Stuttgart Airport(OGU) Ordu Giresun AirportStuttgart, DE (STR) to Ordu, TR (OGU)
STR-DJE(STR) Stuttgart Airport(DJE) Djerba Zarzis International AirportStuttgart, DE (STR) to Djerba, TN (DJE)
STR-TLV(STR) Stuttgart Airport(TLV) Ben Gurion International AirportStuttgart, DE (STR) to Tel Aviv, IL (TLV)

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