London Stansted Airport (STN)

London, United Kingdom

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Latitude: 51.885
Longitude 0.235
Elevation: 348 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from STN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
FR 1013Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:50 AM(PRG) Prague
FR 3002Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:45 AM(CIA) Rome
FR 7961Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:35 AM(TGD) Podgorica
FR 2432Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:35 AM(KRK) Krakow
FR 32Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:35 AM(TRF) Sandefjord
FR 901Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:35 AM(ORK) Cork
BA 2361British Airways(STN) London Stansted Airport8:35 AM(CMF) Chambery
FR 8353Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:30 AM(BUD) Budapest
FR 1005Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:30 AM(OTP) Bucharest
FR 205Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:25 AM(DUB) Dublin
FR 5994Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:25 AM(MAD) Madrid
FR 2404Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:25 AM(FMM) Memmingen
TK 6205Turkish Airlines(STN) London Stansted Airport8:20 AM(BRU) Brussels
FR 2144Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:15 AM(KUN) Kaunas
FR 1162Ryanair(STN) London Stansted Airport8:15 AM(BFS) Belfast

Last added routes from STN

Route Origin Destination
STN-RMU(STN) London Stansted Airport(RMU) Región de Murcia International AirportLondon, GB (STN) to Corvera, ES (RMU)
STN-CAN(STN) London Stansted Airport(CAN) Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportLondon, GB (STN) to Guangzhou, CN (CAN)
STN-LYS(STN) London Stansted Airport(LYS) Lyon Saint-Exupéry AirportLondon, GB (STN) to Lyon, FR (LYS)
STN-LEDA(STN) London Stansted Airport(LEDA) London, GB (STN) to LEDA
STN-DLE(STN) London Stansted Airport(DLE) Dole-Tavaux AirportLondon, GB (STN) to Dole/Tavaux, FR (DLE)
STN-LWO(STN) London Stansted Airport(LWO) Lviv International AirportLondon, GB (STN) to Lviv, UA (LWO)
STN-HRG(STN) London Stansted Airport(HRG) Hurghada International AirportLondon, GB (STN) to Hurghada, EG (HRG)
STN-SDF(STN) London Stansted Airport(SDF) Louisville International Standiford FieldLondon, GB (STN) to Louisville, US (SDF)
STN-LED(STN) London Stansted Airport(LED) Pulkovo AirportLondon, GB (STN) to St. Petersburg, RU (LED)
STN-NTE(STN) London Stansted Airport(NTE) Nantes Atlantique AirportLondon, GB (STN) to Nantes, FR (NTE)

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