Cibao International Airport (STI)

Santiago, Dominican Republic

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Latitude: 19.4061
Longitude -70.6047
Elevation: 565 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from STI

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
B6 36JetBlue Airways(STI) Cibao International Airport8:52 PM(JFK) New York
DL 556Delta Air Lines(STI) Cibao International Airport7:05 PM(JFK) New York
B6 894JetBlue Airways(STI) Cibao International Airport6:02 PM(EWR) Newark
KL 8303KLM(STI) Cibao International Airport3:15 PM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 793Delta Air Lines(STI) Cibao International Airport3:15 PM(ATL) Atlanta
EK 6850Emirates(STI) Cibao International Airport3:12 PM(JFK) New York
B6 1536JetBlue Airways(STI) Cibao International Airport3:12 PM(JFK) New York
UA 1625United Airlines(STI) Cibao International Airport2:45 PM(EWR) Newark
KL 8135KLM(STI) Cibao International Airport1:51 PM(JFK) New York
DL 382Delta Air Lines(STI) Cibao International Airport1:51 PM(JFK) New York
JY 232interCaribbean Airways(STI) Cibao International Airport1:50 PM(PLS) Providenciales
9Q* 304Caicos Express Airways(STI) Cibao International Airport1:45 PM(PLS) Providenciales
B6 636JetBlue Airways(STI) Cibao International Airport9:58 AM(JFK) New York
IB 4512Iberia(STI) Cibao International Airport7:51 AM(MIA) Miami
AA 1306American Airlines(STI) Cibao International Airport7:51 AM(MIA) Miami

Last added routes from STI

Route Origin Destination
STI-STT(STI) Cibao International Airport(STT) Cyril E. King AirportSantiago, DO (STI) to Charlotte Amalie, Harry S. Truman Airport, VI (STT)
STI-IAD(STI) Cibao International Airport(IAD) Washington Dulles International AirportSantiago, DO (STI) to Washington, US (IAD)
STI-PBI(STI) Cibao International Airport(PBI) Palm Beach International AirportSantiago, DO (STI) to West Palm Beach, US (PBI)
STI-MCO(STI) Cibao International Airport(MCO) Orlando International AirportSantiago, DO (STI) to Orlando, US (MCO)
STI-SAL(STI) Cibao International Airport(SAL) Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International AirporSantiago, DO (STI) to San Salvador (San Luis Talpa), SV (SAL)
STI-STL(STI) Cibao International Airport(STL) St Louis Lambert International AirportSantiago, DO (STI) to St Louis, US (STL)
STI-ILM(STI) Cibao International Airport(ILM) Wilmington International AirportSantiago, DO (STI) to Wilmington, US (ILM)
STI-PAP(STI) Cibao International Airport(PAP) Toussaint Louverture International AirportSantiago, DO (STI) to Port-au-Prince, HT (PAP)
STI-POP(STI) Cibao International Airport(POP) Gregorio Luperon International AirportSantiago, DO (STI) to Puerto Plata, DO (POP)
STI-SDQ(STI) Cibao International Airport(SDQ) Las Américas International AirportSantiago, DO (STI) to Santo Domingo, DO (SDQ)

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