Malcolm McKinnon Airport (SSI)

Brunswick, United States

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Latitude: 31.1518
Longitude -81.3913
Elevation: 19 ft
Local Code: SSI

Last updated flights departing from SSI

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 958NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport7:54 PM(GSO) Greensboro/High Point
1I 686NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport12:00 PM(RSW) Fort Myers
1I 783NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport11:00 AM(MDW) Chicago
1I 311NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport11:00 AM(MDW) Chicago
1I 698NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport10:18 AM(FTY) Atlanta
1I 685NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport9:30 AM(MEM) Memphis
1I 691NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport8:42 AM(MIA) Miami
1I 302NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport7:36 PM(MDW) Chicago
XOJ 541XOJET(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport6:40 PM(GSO) Greensboro/High Point
1I 673NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport3:48 PM(MYR) Myrtle Beach
1I 371NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport12:00 PM(PDK) Atlanta
1I 597NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport9:30 AM(FTY) Atlanta
OPT 360Flight Options(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport7:30 AM(PDK) Atlanta
DPJ 487Delta Private Jets(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport12:45 PM(HYA) Hyannis
1I 420NetJets Aviation(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport12:00 PM(PDK) Atlanta

Last added routes from SSI

Route Origin Destination
SSI-KFCI(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport(KFCI) Brunswick, US (SSI) to KFCI
SSI-ELD(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport(ELD) South Arkansas Regional At Goodwin FieldBrunswick, US (SSI) to El Dorado, US (ELD)
SSI-HOT(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport(HOT) Memorial FieldBrunswick, US (SSI) to Hot Springs, US (HOT)
SSI-ELH(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport(ELH) North Eleuthera AirportBrunswick, US (SSI) to North Eleuthera, BS (ELH)
SSI-KJZP(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport(KJZP) Brunswick, US (SSI) to KJZP
SSI-DCA(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport(DCA) Ronald Reagan Washington National AirportBrunswick, US (SSI) to Washington, US (DCA)
SSI-EVV(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport(EVV) Evansville Regional AirportBrunswick, US (SSI) to Evansville, US (EVV)
SSI-TMA(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport(TMA) Henry Tift Myers AirportBrunswick, US (SSI) to Tifton, US (TMA)
SSI-06A(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport(06A) Brunswick, US (SSI) to 06A
SSI-BPT(SSI) Malcolm McKinnon Airport(BPT) Southeast Texas Regional AirportBrunswick, US (SSI) to Beaumont/Port Arthur, US (BPT)

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