Shaw Air Force Base (SSC)

Sumter, United States

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Latitude: 33.9727
Longitude -80.4706
Elevation: 241 ft
Local Code: SSC

Last updated flights departing from SSC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SPA 708Sierra Pacific Airlines(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base11:15 AM(LSV) Las Vegas
SY 8901Sun Country Airlines(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base9:30 AM(LSV) Las Vegas
OAE 502Omni Air International(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base10:30 AM(SNN) Shannon
5Y 8974Atlas Air(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base10:20 AM(HHN) Hahn
5Y 8012Atlas Air(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base2:40 PM(HHN) Hahn
5Y 8010Atlas Air(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base10:40 AM(HHN) Hahn
WN 7223Southwest Airlines(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base12:00 PM(LSV) Las Vegas
WN 7222Southwest Airlines(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base11:00 AM(LSV) Las Vegas
OAE 589Omni Air International(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base9:45 PM(BAF) Springfield
5Y 8301Atlas Air(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base10:15 AM(MIA) Miami
N8 429National Airlines(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base11:30 AM(ORD) Chicago
5Y 8300Atlas Air(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base10:55 AM(DOV) Dover-Cheswold
OAE 574Omni Air International(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base4:00 PM(DFW) Dallas
OAE 573Omni Air International(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base4:00 AM(DFW) Dallas
DL 8966Delta Air Lines(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base8:00 PM(ATL) Atlanta

Last added routes from SSC

Route Origin Destination
SSC-BAF(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base(BAF) Westfield-Barnes Regional AirportSumter, US (SSC) to Westfield/Springfield, US (BAF)
SSC-ORD(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base(ORD) Chicago O'Hare International AirportSumter, US (SSC) to Chicago, US (ORD)
SSC-DOV(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base(DOV) Dover Air Force BaseSumter, US (SSC) to Dover, US (DOV)
SSC-DFW(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base(DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International AirportSumter, US (SSC) to Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW)
SSC-OFF(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base(OFF) Offutt Air Force BaseSumter, US (SSC) to Omaha, US (OFF)
SSC-NGU(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base(NGU) Norfolk Naval Station (Chambers Field)Sumter, US (SSC) to Norfolk, US (NGU)
SSC-IAD(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base(IAD) Washington Dulles International AirportSumter, US (SSC) to Washington, US (IAD)
SSC-PIE(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base(PIE) St Petersburg Clearwater International AirportSumter, US (SSC) to St Petersburg-Clearwater, US (PIE)
SSC-KGTB(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base(KGTB) Sumter, US (SSC) to KGTB
SSC-SEA(SSC) Shaw Air Force Base(SEA) Seattle Tacoma International AirportSumter, US (SSC) to Seattle, US (SEA)

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