Sofia Airport (SOF)

Sofia, Bulgaria

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Latitude: 42.6967
Longitude 23.4114
Elevation: 1742 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from SOF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
BT 5197Air Baltic(SOF) Sofia Airport5:35 AM(WAW) Warsaw
LO 636LOT - Polish Airlines(SOF) Sofia Airport5:35 AM(WAW) Warsaw
FB 813Bulgaria Air(SOF) Sofia Airport12:35 AM(BEY) Beirut
LO 634LOT - Polish Airlines(SOF) Sofia Airport5:55 PM(WAW) Warsaw
TK 1032Turkish Airlines(SOF) Sofia Airport5:50 PM(IST) Istanbul
KL 2121KLM(SOF) Sofia Airport5:35 PM(CDG) Paris
FB 1431Bulgaria Air(SOF) Sofia Airport5:35 PM(CDG) Paris
BE 4161Flybe(SOF) Sofia Airport5:35 PM(CDG) Paris
9W 6940Jet Airways (India)(SOF) Sofia Airport5:35 PM(CDG) Paris
AF 1789Air France(SOF) Sofia Airport5:35 PM(CDG) Paris
FR 6335Ryanair(SOF) Sofia Airport4:45 PM(BHX) Birmingham
FR 6337Ryanair(SOF) Sofia Airport4:45 PM(LPL) Liverpool
IB 7765Iberia(SOF) Sofia Airport4:20 PM(MAD) Madrid
FB 471Bulgaria Air(SOF) Sofia Airport4:20 PM(MAD) Madrid
FR 6329Ryanair(SOF) Sofia Airport3:55 PM(BCN) Barcelona

Last added routes from SOF

Route Origin Destination
SOF-RAK(SOF) Sofia Airport(RAK) Menara AirportSofia, BG (SOF) to Marrakech, MA (RAK)
SOF-NCE(SOF) Sofia Airport(NCE) Nice-Côte d'Azur AirportSofia, BG (SOF) to Nice, FR (NCE)
SOF-CAI(SOF) Sofia Airport(CAI) Cairo International AirportSofia, BG (SOF) to Cairo, EG (CAI)
SOF-PFO(SOF) Sofia Airport(PFO) Paphos International AirportSofia, BG (SOF) to Paphos, CY (PFO)
SOF-LJU(SOF) Sofia Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportSofia, BG (SOF) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
SOF-GYD(SOF) Sofia Airport(GYD) Heydar Aliyev International AirportSofia, BG (SOF) to Baku, AZ (GYD)
SOF-ODS(SOF) Sofia Airport(ODS) Odessa International AirportSofia, BG (SOF) to Odessa, UA (ODS)
SOF-LIN(SOF) Sofia Airport(LIN) Milano Linate AirportSofia, BG (SOF) to Milan, IT (LIN)
SOF-EDI(SOF) Sofia Airport(EDI) Edinburgh AirportSofia, BG (SOF) to Edinburgh, GB (EDI)
SOF-SKP(SOF) Sofia Airport(SKP) Skopje Alexander the Great AirportSofia, BG (SOF) to Skopje, MK (SKP)

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