Taoxian Airport (SHE)

Shenyang, China

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Latitude: 41.6398
Longitude 123.483
Elevation: 198 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from SHE

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
PN 6314West Air (China)(SHE) Taoxian Airport11:20 PM(CGO) Zhengzhou
ZH 3086Shenzhen Airlines(SHE) Taoxian Airport10:35 PM(TNA) Jinan
CA 8006Air China(SHE) Taoxian Airport10:35 PM(TNA) Jinan
SC 8006Shandong Airlines(SHE) Taoxian Airport10:35 PM(TNA) Jinan
QW* 9780Qingdao Airlines(SHE) Taoxian Airport10:35 PM(TAO) Qingdao
ZH 1626Shenzhen Airlines(SHE) Taoxian Airport10:10 PM(PEK) Beijing
NZ 3950Air New Zealand(SHE) Taoxian Airport10:10 PM(PEK) Beijing
CA 1626Air China(SHE) Taoxian Airport10:10 PM(PEK) Beijing
O3 6937SF Airlines(SHE) Taoxian Airport10:00 PM(HGH) Hangzhou
CZ 6115China Southern Airlines(SHE) Taoxian Airport9:40 PM(PEK) Beijing
QW* 9818Qingdao Airlines(SHE) Taoxian Airport9:20 PM(YNT) Yantai
CZ 6052China Southern Airlines(SHE) Taoxian Airport9:05 PM(CSX) Changsha
HU 7570Hainan Airlines(SHE) Taoxian Airport8:55 PM(XIY) Xian
TV 9880Tibet Airlines(SHE) Taoxian Airport8:55 PM(CTU) Chengdu
9H* 8458Air Changan(SHE) Taoxian Airport8:35 PM(INC) Yinchuan

Last added routes from SHE

Route Origin Destination
SHE-HKG(SHE) Taoxian Airport(HKG) Hong Kong International AirportShenyang, CN (SHE) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG)
SHE-LAX(SHE) Taoxian Airport(LAX) Los Angeles International AirportShenyang, CN (SHE) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)
SHE-WUT(SHE) Taoxian Airport(WUT) Xinzhou Wutaishan AirportShenyang, CN (SHE) to Xinzhou, CN (WUT)
SHE-WGN(SHE) Taoxian Airport(WGN) Shaoyang Wugang AirportShenyang, CN (SHE) to Shaoyang, CN (WGN)
SHE-XFN(SHE) Taoxian Airport(XFN) Xiangyang Liuji AirportShenyang, CN (SHE) to Xiangfan, CN (XFN)
SHE-(SHE) Taoxian Airport() Total Rf HeliportShenyang, CN (SHE) to Bensalem, US ()
SHE-LFQ(SHE) Taoxian Airport(LFQ) Linfen Qiaoli AirportShenyang, CN (SHE) to Linfen, CN (LFQ)
SHE-NNG(SHE) Taoxian Airport(NNG) Nanning Wuxu AirportShenyang, CN (SHE) to Nanning, CN (NNG)
SHE-DAD(SHE) Taoxian Airport(DAD) Da Nang International AirportShenyang, CN (SHE) to Da Nang, VN (DAD)
SHE-REP(SHE) Taoxian Airport(REP) Siem Reap International AirportShenyang, CN (SHE) to Siem Reap, KH (REP)

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