Scottsdale Airport (SCF)

Scottsdale, United States

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Latitude: 33.6229
Longitude -111.911
Elevation: 1510 ft
Local Code: SDL

Last updated flights departing from SCF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
OPT 372Flight Options(SCF) Scottsdale Airport2:15 PM(SMO) Santa Monica
RSP 890JetSuite(SCF) Scottsdale Airport12:30 PM(VNY) Los Angeles
GAJ 804Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(SCF) Scottsdale Airport12:20 PM(DVT) Phoenix
LXJ 551Flexjet(SCF) Scottsdale Airport11:15 AM(RIL) Rifle
OPT 369Flight Options(SCF) Scottsdale Airport8:30 AM(ASE) Aspen
LXJ 93Flexjet(SCF) Scottsdale Airport7:12 AM(EGE) Vail
LXJ 552Flexjet(SCF) Scottsdale Airport6:06 AM(QRO) Queretaro
1I 502NetJets Aviation(SCF) Scottsdale Airport4:00 PM(PWK) Chicago
1I 565NetJets Aviation(SCF) Scottsdale Airport3:00 PM(APA) Denver
PWA 796Priester Aviation(SCF) Scottsdale Airport2:15 PM(PWK) Chicago
1I 790NetJets Aviation(SCF) Scottsdale Airport2:00 PM(FRG) Farmingdale
1I 380NetJets Aviation(SCF) Scottsdale Airport1:00 PM(SUN) Sun Valley
1I 348NetJets Aviation(SCF) Scottsdale Airport12:00 PM(TUL) Tulsa
GAJ 807Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(SCF) Scottsdale Airport12:00 PM(PHX) Phoenix
1I 603NetJets Aviation(SCF) Scottsdale Airport11:09 AM(PSP) Palm Springs

Last added routes from SCF

Route Origin Destination
SCF-QRO(SCF) Scottsdale Airport(QRO) Querétaro Intercontinental AirportScottsdale, US (SCF) to Querétaro, MX (QRO)
SCF-PLS(SCF) Scottsdale Airport(PLS) Providenciales AirportScottsdale, US (SCF) to Providenciales Island, TC (PLS)
SCF-TRL(SCF) Scottsdale Airport(TRL) Terrell Municipal AirportScottsdale, US (SCF) to Terrell, US (TRL)
SCF-SBS(SCF) Scottsdale Airport(SBS) Steamboat Springs Bob Adams FieldScottsdale, US (SCF) to Steamboat Springs, US (SBS)
SCF-RSN(SCF) Scottsdale Airport(RSN) Ruston Regional AirportScottsdale, US (SCF) to Ruston, US (RSN)
SCF-KLXT(SCF) Scottsdale Airport(KLXT) Scottsdale, US (SCF) to KLXT
SCF-SFB(SCF) Scottsdale Airport(SFB) Orlando Sanford International AirportScottsdale, US (SCF) to Orlando, US (SFB)
SCF-CPS(SCF) Scottsdale Airport(CPS) St Louis Downtown AirportScottsdale, US (SCF) to Cahokia/St Louis, US (CPS)
SCF-PDT(SCF) Scottsdale Airport(PDT) Eastern Oregon Regional At Pendleton AirportScottsdale, US (SCF) to Pendleton, US (PDT)
SCF-GDV(SCF) Scottsdale Airport(GDV) Dawson Community AirportScottsdale, US (SCF) to Glendive, US (GDV)

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