University Park Airport (SCE)

State College, United States

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Latitude: 40.8493
Longitude -77.8487
Elevation: 1239 ft
Local Code: UNV

Last updated flights departing from SCE

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
WIG 7465Wiggins Airways(SCE) University Park Airport8:17 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh
WIG 7463Wiggins Airways(SCE) University Park Airport7:43 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh
WIG 7464Wiggins Airways(SCE) University Park Airport7:20 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh
EJM 358Executive Jet Management(SCE) University Park Airport7:00 PM(GYY) Gary
AA 4897American Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport6:08 PM(PHL) Philadelphia
DL 4278Delta Air Lines(SCE) University Park Airport5:36 PM(DTW) Detroit
UA 5363United Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport5:20 PM(ORD) Chicago
UA 3839United Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport2:45 PM(IAD) Dulles
AA 4777American Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport1:51 PM(PHL) Philadelphia
VS 2477Virgin Atlantic(SCE) University Park Airport1:33 PM(DTW) Detroit
AM 3612Aeromexico(SCE) University Park Airport1:33 PM(DTW) Detroit
DL 4277Delta Air Lines(SCE) University Park Airport1:33 PM(DTW) Detroit
UA 5488United Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport11:05 AM(ORD) Chicago
AA 4979American Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport9:20 AM(PHL) Philadelphia
UA 4816United Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport6:30 AM(IAD) Dulles

Last added routes from SCE

Route Origin Destination
SCE-I68(SCE) University Park Airport(I68) State College, US (SCE) to I68
SCE-LEX(SCE) University Park Airport(LEX) Blue Grass AirportState College, US (SCE) to Lexington, US (LEX)
SCE-LBE(SCE) University Park Airport(LBE) Arnold Palmer Regional AirportState College, US (SCE) to Latrobe, US (LBE)
SCE-EVV(SCE) University Park Airport(EVV) Evansville Regional AirportState College, US (SCE) to Evansville, US (EVV)
SCE-RIV(SCE) University Park Airport(RIV) March ARB AirportState College, US (SCE) to Riverside, US (RIV)
SCE-FOK(SCE) University Park Airport(FOK) Francis S Gabreski AirportState College, US (SCE) to Westhampton Beach, US (FOK)
SCE-JBR(SCE) University Park Airport(JBR) Jonesboro Municipal AirportState College, US (SCE) to Jonesboro, US (JBR)
SCE-GED(SCE) University Park Airport(GED) Sussex County AirportState College, US (SCE) to Georgetown, US (GED)
SCE-RUT(SCE) University Park Airport(RUT) Rutland - Southern Vermont Regional AirportState College, US (SCE) to Rutland, US (RUT)
SCE-LEW(SCE) University Park Airport(LEW) Auburn Lewiston Municipal AirportState College, US (SCE) to Auburn/Lewiston, US (LEW)

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