University Park Airport (SCE)

State College, United States

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Latitude: 40.8493
Longitude -77.8487
Elevation: 1239 ft
Local Code: UNV

Last updated flights departing from SCE

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SWQ 9384Swift Air(SCE) University Park Airport7:48 PM(AEX) Alexandria
UA 1361United Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport9:35 AM(IND) Indianapolis
WIG 7465Wiggins Airways(SCE) University Park Airport8:17 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh
WIG 7463Wiggins Airways(SCE) University Park Airport7:43 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh
WIG 7464Wiggins Airways(SCE) University Park Airport7:20 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh
AA 4970American Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport6:56 PM(PHL) Philadelphia
UA 3867United Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport5:45 PM(ORD) Chicago
AA 4897American Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport5:02 PM(PHL) Philadelphia
UA 3868United Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport2:45 PM(IAD) Dulles
KL 8271KLM(SCE) University Park Airport1:38 PM(DTW) Detroit
DL 4318Delta Air Lines(SCE) University Park Airport1:38 PM(DTW) Detroit
AA 4947American Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport12:58 PM(PHL) Philadelphia
UA 3863United Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport9:45 AM(IAD) Dulles
UA 5881United Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport8:00 AM(ORD) Chicago
UA 4997United Airlines(SCE) University Park Airport6:15 AM(IAD) Dulles

Last added routes from SCE

Route Origin Destination
SCE-MOB(SCE) University Park Airport(MOB) Mobile Regional AirportState College, US (SCE) to Mobile, US (MOB)
SCE-SHV(SCE) University Park Airport(SHV) Shreveport Regional AirportState College, US (SCE) to Shreveport, US (SHV)
SCE-KANE(SCE) University Park Airport(KANE) State College, US (SCE) to KANE
SCE-KGTB(SCE) University Park Airport(KGTB) State College, US (SCE) to KGTB
SCE-LNS(SCE) University Park Airport(LNS) Lancaster AirportState College, US (SCE) to Lancaster, US (LNS)
SCE-BHM(SCE) University Park Airport(BHM) Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International AirportState College, US (SCE) to Birmingham, US (BHM)
SCE-BCT(SCE) University Park Airport(BCT) Boca Raton AirportState College, US (SCE) to Boca Raton, US (BCT)
SCE-SLN(SCE) University Park Airport(SLN) Salina Municipal AirportState College, US (SCE) to Salina, US (SLN)
SCE-OAK(SCE) University Park Airport(OAK) Metropolitan Oakland International AirportState College, US (SCE) to Oakland, US (OAK)
SCE-KJZI(SCE) University Park Airport(KJZI) State College, US (SCE) to KJZI

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