Raton Municipal-Crews Field (RTN)

Raton, United States

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Latitude: 36.7415
Longitude -104.502
Elevation: 6352 ft
Local Code: RTN

Last updated flights departing from RTN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
XOJ 552XOJET(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field11:30 AM(OAK) Oakland
MI 192SilkAir(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(SIN) Singapore

Last added routes from RTN

Route Origin Destination
RTN-MMU(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(MMU) Morristown Municipal AirportRaton, US (RTN) to Morristown, US (MMU)
RTN-TUL(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(TUL) Tulsa International AirportRaton, US (RTN) to Tulsa, US (TUL)
RTN-DWH(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(DWH) David Wayne Hooks Memorial AirportRaton, US (RTN) to Houston, US (DWH)
RTN-TSM(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(TSM) Taos Regional AirportRaton, US (RTN) to Taos, US (TSM)
RTN-MRY(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(MRY) Monterey Peninsula AirportRaton, US (RTN) to Monterey, US (MRY)
RTN-TPA(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(TPA) Tampa International AirportRaton, US (RTN) to Tampa, US (TPA)
RTN-SAF(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(SAF) Santa Fe Municipal AirportRaton, US (RTN) to Santa Fe, US (SAF)
RTN-AZA(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway AirportRaton, US (RTN) to Phoenix, US (AZA)
RTN-BUR(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(BUR) Bob Hope AirportRaton, US (RTN) to Burbank, US (BUR)
RTN-SNA(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews Field(SNA) John Wayne Airport-Orange County AirportRaton, US (RTN) to Santa Ana, US (SNA)

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