Rennes/Saint-Jacques, France

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Live arrivals at RNS, flight status information for Rennes-Saint-Jacques Airport, Rennes/Saint-Jacques, flight delay status, weather conditions in Rennes/Saint-Jacques.

RNS Arrivals, Rennes-Saint-Jacques Airport Arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in Rennes/Saint-Jacques is GMT+01:00.

Local Time in Rennes/Saint-Jacques: 08:45 AM 2019-02-23

HOP 3121 HOP!(TLS) Toulouse8:20 AMScheduled
AF 4984 Air France(TLS) Toulouse8:20 AMScheduled
AF 7676 Air France(CDG) Paris10:20 AMScheduled
SU 3195 Aeroflot(CDG) Paris10:20 AMScheduled
MK 9110 Air Mauritius(CDG) Paris10:20 AMScheduled
KQ 3138 Kenya Airways(CDG) Paris10:20 AMScheduled
G3 5036 Gol(CDG) Paris10:20 AMScheduled
DL 8697 Delta Air Lines(CDG) Paris10:20 AMScheduled
HOP 4152 HOP!(LYS) Lyon10:55 AMScheduled
AF 5468 Air France(LYS) Lyon10:55 AMScheduled
HOP 3171 HOP!(MRS) Marseille11:20 AMScheduled
AF 7011 Air France(MRS) Marseille11:20 AMScheduled
AF 1129 Air France(AMS) Amsterdam1:40 PMScheduled
KL 2173 KLM(AMS) Amsterdam1:40 PMScheduled
9W 6937 Jet Airways (India)(AMS) Amsterdam1:40 PMScheduled
BE 6024 Flybe(SEN) Southend2:05 PMScheduled
AF 6430 Air France(SEN) Southend2:05 PMScheduled
HOP 3193 HOP!(NCE) Nice4:05 PMScheduled
AF 5589 Air France(NCE) Nice4:05 PMScheduled
AF 7678 Air France(CDG) Paris5:55 PMScheduled
G3 5038 Gol(CDG) Paris5:55 PMScheduled
SU 3196 Aeroflot(CDG) Paris5:55 PMScheduled
KL 2328 KLM(CDG) Paris5:55 PMScheduled
DL 8710 Delta Air Lines(CDG) Paris5:55 PMScheduled
AZ 2960 Alitalia(CDG) Paris5:55 PMScheduled
AF 1031 Air France(AMS) Amsterdam6:00 PMScheduled
KL 2031 KLM(AMS) Amsterdam6:00 PMScheduled
9W 6938 Jet Airways (India)(AMS) Amsterdam6:00 PMScheduled
AF 7638 Air France(CDG) Paris10:35 PMScheduled
SU 3194 Aeroflot(CDG) Paris10:35 PMScheduled
KL 2332 KLM(CDG) Paris10:35 PMScheduled
G3 5133 Gol(CDG) Paris10:35 PMScheduled
AZ 2962 Alitalia(CDG) Paris10:35 PMScheduled

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