Randolph Air Force Base (RND)

Universal City, United States

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Latitude: 29.5297
Longitude -98.2789
Elevation: 761 ft
Local Code: RND

Last updated flights departing from RND

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
UA 2583United Airlines(RND) Randolph Air Force Base3:25 PM(IAH) Houston
DL 8965Delta Air Lines(RND) Randolph Air Force Base7:45 AM(HOP) Hopkinsville

Last added routes from RND

Route Origin Destination
RND-IAH(RND) Randolph Air Force Base(IAH) George Bush Intercontinental Houston AirportUniversal City, US (RND) to Houston, US (IAH)
RND-HOP(RND) Randolph Air Force Base(HOP) Campbell AAF (Fort Campbell) Air FieldUniversal City, US (RND) to Fort Campbell/Hopkinsville, US (HOP)

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