Rumginae Airport (RMN)

Papua New Guinea

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Latitude: -5.89722
Longitude 141.272
Elevation: 160 ft
Local Code: RMG

Last updated flights departing from RMN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination

Last added routes from RMN

Route Origin Destination
RMN-TYS(RMN) Rumginae Airport(TYS) McGhee Tyson AirportRMN to Knoxville, US (TYS)
RMN-ORL(RMN) Rumginae Airport(ORL) Orlando Executive AirportRMN to Orlando, US (ORL)
RMN-FLO(RMN) Rumginae Airport(FLO) Florence Regional AirportRMN to Florence, US (FLO)
RMN-LWC(RMN) Rumginae Airport(LWC) Lawrence Municipal AirportRMN to Lawrence, US (LWC)
RMN-LWB(RMN) Rumginae Airport(LWB) Greenbrier Valley AirportRMN to Lewisburg, US (LWB)
RMN-APF(RMN) Rumginae Airport(APF) Naples Municipal AirportRMN to Naples, US (APF)
RMN-CLT(RMN) Rumginae Airport(CLT) Charlotte Douglas International AirportRMN to Charlotte, US (CLT)
RMN-EYW(RMN) Rumginae Airport(EYW) Key West International AirportRMN to Key West, US (EYW)
RMN-RBW(RMN) Rumginae Airport(RBW) Lowcountry Regional AirportRMN to Walterboro, US (RBW)
RMN-CHS(RMN) Rumginae Airport(CHS) Charleston Air Force Base-International AirportRMN to Charleston, US (CHS)

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