Diagoras Airport (RHO)

Rodes Island, Greece

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Latitude: 36.4054
Longitude 28.0862
Elevation: 17 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from RHO

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
A3 7217Aegean Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport6:35 PM(ATH) Athens
OA 217Olympic Air(RHO) Diagoras Airport6:35 PM(ATH) Athens
GQ 101Sky Express(RHO) Diagoras Airport5:25 PM(HER) Heraklion
A3 7581Aegean Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport3:50 PM(SKG) Thessaloniki
OA 581Olympic Air(RHO) Diagoras Airport3:50 PM(SKG) Thessaloniki
ELB 891Ellinair(RHO) Diagoras Airport3:30 PM(ATH) Athens
ELB 91Ellinair(RHO) Diagoras Airport3:10 PM(SKG) Thessaloniki
A3 7209Aegean Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport3:05 PM(ATH) Athens
OA 209Olympic Air(RHO) Diagoras Airport3:05 PM(ATH) Athens
A3 7096Aegean Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport12:00 PM(KZS) Kastellorizo
OA 96Olympic Air(RHO) Diagoras Airport12:00 PM(KZS) Kastellorizo
A3 7205Aegean Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport10:35 AM(ATH) Athens
OA 205Olympic Air(RHO) Diagoras Airport10:35 AM(ATH) Athens
GQ 36Sky Express(RHO) Diagoras Airport8:30 AM(SMI) Samos
A3 7201Aegean Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport6:40 AM(ATH) Athens

Last added routes from RHO

Route Origin Destination
RHO-DLM(RHO) Diagoras Airport(DLM) Dalaman International AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Dalaman, TR (DLM)
RHO-VOL(RHO) Diagoras Airport(VOL) Nea Anchialos AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Nea Anchialos, GR (VOL)
RHO-TMP(RHO) Diagoras Airport(TMP) Tampere-Pirkkala AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Tampere / Pirkkala, FI (TMP)
RHO-SVX(RHO) Diagoras Airport(SVX) Koltsovo AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Yekaterinburg, RU (SVX)
RHO-PMO(RHO) Diagoras Airport(PMO) Falcone–Borsellino AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Palermo, IT (PMO)
RHO-LJU(RHO) Diagoras Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
RHO-WRO(RHO) Diagoras Airport(WRO) Copernicus Wrocław AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Wrocław, PL (WRO)
RHO-SOF(RHO) Diagoras Airport(SOF) Sofia AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Sofia, BG (SOF)
RHO-SXB(RHO) Diagoras Airport(SXB) Strasbourg AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Strasbourg, FR (SXB)
RHO-KSF(RHO) Diagoras Airport(KSF) Kassel-Calden AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Kassel, DE (KSF)

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