Diagoras Airport (RHO)

Rodes Island, Greece

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Latitude: 36.4054
Longitude 28.0862
Elevation: 17 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from RHO

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
BV 2405Blue Panorama Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport10:30 PM(FCO) Rome
FR 1250Ryanair(RHO) Diagoras Airport8:05 PM(ATH) Athens
A3 7217Aegean Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport6:50 PM(ATH) Athens
OA 217Olympic Air(RHO) Diagoras Airport6:50 PM(ATH) Athens
GQ 101Sky Express(RHO) Diagoras Airport3:50 PM(HER) Heraklion
A3 7721Aegean Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport3:45 PM(SKG) Thessaloniki
OA 721Olympic Air(RHO) Diagoras Airport3:45 PM(SKG) Thessaloniki
GQ 42Sky Express(RHO) Diagoras Airport12:00 PM(AOK) Karpathos
GQ 103Sky Express(RHO) Diagoras Airport11:30 AM(HER) Heraklion
A3 7205Aegean Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport10:35 AM(ATH) Athens
OA 205Olympic Air(RHO) Diagoras Airport10:35 AM(ATH) Athens
FR 1661Ryanair(RHO) Diagoras Airport7:55 AM(ATH) Athens
A3 7201Aegean Airlines(RHO) Diagoras Airport6:40 AM(ATH) Athens
OA 201Olympic Air(RHO) Diagoras Airport6:40 AM(ATH) Athens
FR 1431Ryanair(RHO) Diagoras Airport10:10 PM(ATH) Athens

Last added routes from RHO

Route Origin Destination
RHO-JYV(RHO) Diagoras Airport(JYV) Jyvaskyla AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Jyväskylän Maalaiskunta, FI (JYV)
RHO-RVN(RHO) Diagoras Airport(RVN) Rovaniemi AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Rovaniemi, FI (RVN)
RHO-RNS(RHO) Diagoras Airport(RNS) Rennes-Saint-Jacques AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Rennes/Saint-Jacques, FR (RNS)
RHO-JKG(RHO) Diagoras Airport(JKG) Jönköping AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Jönköping, SE (JKG)
RHO-KRP(RHO) Diagoras Airport(KRP) Karup AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Karup, DK (KRP)
RHO-POZ(RHO) Diagoras Airport(POZ) Poznań-Ławica AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Poznań, PL (POZ)
RHO-JSH(RHO) Diagoras Airport(JSH) Sitia AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Crete Island, GR (JSH)
RHO-HFA(RHO) Diagoras Airport(HFA) Haifa International AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Haifa, IL (HFA)
RHO-VKO(RHO) Diagoras Airport(VKO) Vnukovo International AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Moscow, RU (VKO)
RHO-NWI(RHO) Diagoras Airport(NWI) Norwich International AirportRodes Island, GR (RHO) to Norwich, GB (NWI)

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