Redding Municipal Airport (RDD)

Redding, United States

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Latitude: 40.509
Longitude -122.293
Elevation: 505 ft
Local Code: RDD

Last updated flights departing from RDD

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
OO 1376SkyWest Airlines(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport4:45 PM(SMF) Sacramento
UA 1359United Airlines(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport9:40 AM(BUR) Burbank
PCM 7677West Air (USA)(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport8:00 PM(OAK) Oakland
AMF 212Ameriflight(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport7:30 PM(OAK) Oakland
AMF 202Ameriflight(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport6:50 PM(CIC) Chico
PCM 7255West Air (USA)(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport6:45 PM(SMF) Sacramento
PCM 7697West Air (USA)(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport5:19 PM(SMF) Sacramento
AS 3184Alaska Airlines(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport4:35 PM(PDX) Portland
KS 184PenAir(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport4:35 PM(PDX) Portland
UA 5233United Airlines(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport4:15 PM(SFO) San Francisco
AS 3188Alaska Airlines(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport11:30 AM(PDX) Portland
KS 188PenAir(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport11:30 AM(PDX) Portland
AMF 202Ameriflight(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport10:27 AM(SIY) Montague
AMF 221Ameriflight(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport10:20 AM(EKA) Eureka
UA 5452United Airlines(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport9:40 AM(SFO) San Francisco

Last added routes from RDD

Route Origin Destination
RDD-SBA(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport(SBA) Santa Barbara Municipal AirportRedding, US (RDD) to Santa Barbara, US (SBA)
RDD-ONT(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport(ONT) Ontario International AirportRedding, US (RDD) to Ontario, US (ONT)
RDD-MRY(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport(MRY) Monterey Peninsula AirportRedding, US (RDD) to Monterey, US (MRY)
RDD-PSP(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport(PSP) Palm Springs International AirportRedding, US (RDD) to Palm Springs, US (PSP)
RDD-SAN(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport(SAN) San Diego International AirportRedding, US (RDD) to San Diego, US (SAN)
RDD-DRO(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport(DRO) Durango La Plata County AirportRedding, US (RDD) to Durango, US (DRO)
RDD-MYV(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport(MYV) Yuba County AirportRedding, US (RDD) to Marysville, US (MYV)
RDD-CYS(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport(CYS) Cheyenne Regional Jerry Olson FieldRedding, US (RDD) to Cheyenne, US (CYS)
RDD-ENV(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport(ENV) Wendover AirportRedding, US (RDD) to Wendover, US (ENV)
RDD-SNA(RDD) Redding Municipal Airport(SNA) John Wayne Airport-Orange County AirportRedding, US (RDD) to Santa Ana, US (SNA)

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