Bremerton National Airport (PWT)

Bremerton, United States

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Latitude: 47.4902
Longitude -122.765
Elevation: 444 ft
Local Code: PWT

Last updated flights departing from PWT

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 795NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport1:00 PM(BFI) Seattle
XOJ 552XOJET(PWT) Bremerton National Airport8:30 AM(BJX) Leon/Guanajuato
1I 672NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport4:00 PM(BFI) Seattle
1I 269NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport1:00 PM(SEA) Seattle
1I 975NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport2:00 PM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 320NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport9:30 AM(HCR) Holy Cross
APC 690Airpac Airlines(PWT) Bremerton National Airport6:00 PM(BFI) Seattle
APC 690Airpac Airlines(PWT) Bremerton National Airport6:00 PM(BFI) Seattle
1I 219NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport10:00 AM(SNA) Santa Ana
1I 794NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport6:27 PM(SJC) San Jose
1I 921NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport5:30 PM(OAK) Oakland
1I 982NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport2:42 PM(OAK) Oakland
1I 756NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport2:47 PM(EUG) Eugene
1I 695NetJets Aviation(PWT) Bremerton National Airport4:00 PM(SNA) Santa Ana
APC 690Airpac Airlines(PWT) Bremerton National Airport6:00 PM(BFI) Seattle

Last added routes from PWT

Route Origin Destination
PWT-BJX(PWT) Bremerton National Airport(BJX) Del Bajío International AirportBremerton, US (PWT) to Silao, MX (BJX)
PWT-EUG(PWT) Bremerton National Airport(EUG) Mahlon Sweet FieldBremerton, US (PWT) to Eugene, US (EUG)
PWT-HSH(PWT) Bremerton National Airport(HSH) Henderson Executive AirportBremerton, US (PWT) to Las Vegas, US (HSH)
PWT-LAS(PWT) Bremerton National Airport(LAS) McCarran International AirportBremerton, US (PWT) to Las Vegas, US (LAS)
PWT-LGB(PWT) Bremerton National Airport(LGB) Long Beach /Daugherty Field/ AirportBremerton, US (PWT) to Long Beach, US (LGB)
PWT-OLM(PWT) Bremerton National Airport(OLM) Olympia Regional AirportBremerton, US (PWT) to Olympia, US (OLM)
PWT-JAC(PWT) Bremerton National Airport(JAC) Jackson Hole AirportBremerton, US (PWT) to Jackson, US (JAC)
PWT-MVW(PWT) Bremerton National Airport(MVW) Skagit Regional AirportBremerton, US (PWT) to Burlington/Mount Vernon, US (MVW)
PWT-TEB(PWT) Bremerton National Airport(TEB) Teterboro AirportBremerton, US (PWT) to Teterboro, US (TEB)
PWT-PAE(PWT) Bremerton National Airport(PAE) Snohomish County (Paine Field) AirportBremerton, US (PWT) to Everett, US (PAE)

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