Chicago Executive Airport (PWK)

Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, United States

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Latitude: 42.1142
Longitude -87.9015
Elevation: 647 ft
Local Code: PWK

Last updated flights departing from PWK

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SKQ 22LabCorp(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport7:55 PM(OSU) Columbus
CSJ 1004Castle Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport6:00 PM(SUS) Saint Louis
1I 564NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport7:00 PM(UDD) Palm Springs
1I 561NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport7:00 PM(UDD) Palm Springs
1I 819NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport3:00 PM(HOU) Houston
1I 330NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport2:36 PM(PTK) Pontiac
OPT 371Flight Options(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport11:23 AM(MDW) Chicago
OPT 358Flight Options(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport8:30 AM(STE) Stevens Point
LXJ 405Flexjet(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport8:00 AM(TEB) Teterboro
SKQ 25LabCorp(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport1:15 AM(OSU) Columbus
1I 101NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport3:51 PM(ICT) Wichita
LXJ 553Flexjet(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport1:58 PM(ASE) Aspen
EJM 777Executive Jet Management(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport1:30 PM(DPA) Chicago
OPT 925Flight Options(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport9:30 AM(ASE) Aspen
LXJ 415Flexjet(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport9:15 AM(DFW) Dallas

Last added routes from PWK

Route Origin Destination
PWK-GHB(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(GHB) Governor's Harbour AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Governor's Harbour, BS (GHB)
PWK-ATY(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(ATY) Watertown Regional AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Watertown, US (ATY)
PWK-DMO(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(DMO) Sedalia Memorial AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Sedalia, US (DMO)
PWK-MOP(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(MOP) Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to MOP
PWK-CYBW(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(CYBW) Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to CYBW
PWK-MRT(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(MRT) Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to MRT
PWK-ARN(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(ARN) Stockholm-Arlanda AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Stockholm, SE (ARN)
PWK-DEN(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(DEN) Denver International AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Denver, US (DEN)
PWK-HCR(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(HCR) Holy Cross AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Holy Cross, US (HCR)
PWK-LOM(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(LOM) Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Lagos de Moreno, MX (LOM)

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