Chicago Executive Airport (PWK)

Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, United States

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Latitude: 42.1142
Longitude -87.9015
Elevation: 647 ft
Local Code: PWK

Last updated flights departing from PWK

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SKQ 22LabCorp(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport7:55 PM(OSU) Columbus
1I 523NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport7:42 PM(SDF) Louisville
LXJ 531Flexjet(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport4:02 PM(SBN) South Bend
1I 914NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport8:21 AM(HPN) Westchester County
1I 819NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport2:30 PM(MDW) Chicago
PWA 314Priester Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport2:00 PM(RFD) Rockford
1I 523NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport12:21 PM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 350NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport12:00 PM(TRI) Bristol, VA/Johnson City/Kingsport
1I 642NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport11:30 AM(ORD) Chicago
1I 319NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport9:48 AM(PIA) Peoria
1I 389NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport8:51 AM(HPN) Westchester County
1I 643NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport8:51 AM(ORD) Chicago
PWA 4000Priester Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport8:00 AM(ISW) Wisconsin Rapids
1I 647NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport10:30 PM(CMH) Columbus
1I 389NetJets Aviation(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport3:30 PM(GRR) Grand Rapids

Last added routes from PWK

Route Origin Destination
PWK-ISW(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(ISW) Alexander Field South Wood County AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Wisconsin Rapids, US (ISW)
PWK-TRI(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(TRI) Tri Cities Regional Tn Va AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Bristol/Johnson/Kingsport, US (TRI)
PWK-DEC(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(DEC) Decatur AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Decatur, US (DEC)
PWK-PHF(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(PHF) Newport News Williamsburg International AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Newport News, US (PHF)
PWK-HNB(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(HNB) Huntingburg AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Huntingburg, US (HNB)
PWK-MTY(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(MTY) General Mariano Escobedo International AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Monterrey, MX (MTY)
PWK-KJVY(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(KJVY) Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to KJVY
PWK-CKB(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(CKB) North Central West Virginia AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Clarksburg, US (CKB)
PWK-RZR(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(RZR) Ramsar AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to RZR
PWK-LAR(PWK) Chicago Executive Airport(LAR) Laramie Regional AirportChicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK) to Laramie, US (LAR)

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