Wiley Post Airport (PWA)

Oklahoma City, United States

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Latitude: 35.5342
Longitude -97.6471
Elevation: 1300 ft
Local Code: PWA

Last updated flights departing from PWA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination

Last added routes from PWA

Route Origin Destination
PWA-TXK(PWA) Wiley Post Airport(TXK) Texarkana Regional Webb FieldOklahoma City, US (PWA) to Texarkana, US (TXK)
PWA-FWA(PWA) Wiley Post Airport(FWA) Fort Wayne International AirportOklahoma City, US (PWA) to Fort Wayne, US (FWA)
PWA-BBD(PWA) Wiley Post Airport(BBD) Curtis FieldOklahoma City, US (PWA) to Brady, US (BBD)
PWA-OGD(PWA) Wiley Post Airport(OGD) Ogden Hinckley AirportOklahoma City, US (PWA) to Ogden, US (OGD)
PWA-RFD(PWA) Wiley Post Airport(RFD) Chicago Rockford International AirportOklahoma City, US (PWA) to Chicago/Rockford, US (RFD)
PWA-BDN(PWA) Wiley Post Airport(BDN) Talhar AirportOklahoma City, US (PWA) to Badin, PK (BDN)
PWA-RMG(PWA) Wiley Post Airport(RMG) Richard B Russell AirportOklahoma City, US (PWA) to Rome, US (RMG)
PWA-TKF(PWA) Wiley Post Airport(TKF) Truckee Tahoe AirportOklahoma City, US (PWA) to Truckee, US (TKF)
PWA-GLE(PWA) Wiley Post Airport(GLE) Gainesville Municipal AirportOklahoma City, US (PWA) to Gainesville, US (GLE)
PWA-RTN(PWA) Wiley Post Airport(RTN) Raton Municipal-Crews FieldOklahoma City, US (PWA) to Raton, US (RTN)

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