Provo Municipal Airport (PVU)

Provo, United States

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Latitude: 40.2192
Longitude -111.723
Elevation: 4497 ft
Local Code: PVU

Last updated flights departing from PVU

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 617NetJets Aviation(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport8:00 PM(APA) Denver
G4 133Allegiant Air(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport5:19 PM(AZA) Mesa
XOJ 541XOJET(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport4:30 PM(PVR) Puerto Vallarta
5A 76Alpine Air Express(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport4:40 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City
LXJ 408Flexjet(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport12:44 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
G4 1005Allegiant Air(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport3:30 PM(OAK) Oakland
G4 133Allegiant Air(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport11:50 AM(AZA) Mesa
G4 1046Allegiant Air(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport10:20 AM(LAX) Los Angeles
GDS 1Steelman Aviation(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport4:00 PM(VGT) Las Vegas
SY 8931Sun Country Airlines(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport6:50 AM(GRK) Killeen
O2* 7284Linear Air(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport8:00 PM(GUC) Gunnison
O2* 7283Linear Air(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport4:00 PM(GUC) Gunnison
G4 133Allegiant Air(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport1:32 PM(AZA) Mesa
O2* 7282Linear Air(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport1:00 PM(GUC) Gunnison
O2* 7281Linear Air(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport10:00 AM(GUC) Gunnison

Last added routes from PVU

Route Origin Destination
PVU-GRK(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport(GRK) Robert Gray Army Air Field AirportProvo, US (PVU) to Fort Hood/Killeen, US (GRK)
PVU-LEX(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport(LEX) Blue Grass AirportProvo, US (PVU) to Lexington, US (LEX)
PVU-LBB(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport(LBB) Lubbock Preston Smith International AirportProvo, US (PVU) to Lubbock, US (LBB)
PVU-AMA(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport(AMA) Rick Husband Amarillo International AirportProvo, US (PVU) to Amarillo, US (AMA)
PVU-ORD(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport(ORD) Chicago O'Hare International AirportProvo, US (PVU) to Chicago, US (ORD)
PVU-SAC(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport(SAC) Sacramento Executive AirportProvo, US (PVU) to Sacramento, US (SAC)
PVU-MKT(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport(MKT) Provo, US (PVU) to MKT
PVU-SGU(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport(SGU) St George Municipal AirportProvo, US (PVU) to St George, US (SGU)
PVU-TME(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport(TME) Gustavo Vargas AirportProvo, US (PVU) to Tame, CO (TME)
PVU-FAR(PVU) Provo Municipal Airport(FAR) Hector International AirportProvo, US (PVU) to Fargo, US (FAR)

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