Poznań-Ławica Airport (POZ)

Poznań, Poland

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Latitude: 52.421
Longitude 16.8263
Elevation: 308 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from POZ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
TVP 7208Travel Service Polska(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport9:45 PM(BJV) Bodrum
TVP 7714Travel Service Polska(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport9:40 PM(OLB) Olbia
LO 3950LOT - Polish Airlines(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport9:00 PM(WAW) Warsaw
FR 5063Ryanair(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport8:40 PM(STN) London
FR 2808Ryanair(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport8:10 PM(BLL) Billund
ELB 783Ellinair(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport8:10 PM(HER) Heraklion
FB 6228Bulgaria Air(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport8:00 PM(VAR) Varna
W6 1903Wizz Air(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport7:15 PM(LTN) London
OS 7494Austrian(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport4:45 PM(MUC) Munich
LO 5367LOT - Polish Airlines(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport4:45 PM(MUC) Munich
LH 1639Lufthansa(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport4:45 PM(MUC) Munich
LO 5513LOT - Polish Airlines(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport3:00 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 1391Lufthansa(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport3:00 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
LO 3944LOT - Polish Airlines(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport2:55 PM(WAW) Warsaw
FR 2337Ryanair(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport2:50 PM(STN) London

Last added routes from POZ

Route Origin Destination
POZ-MSQ(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport(MSQ) Minsk National AirportPoznań, PL (POZ) to Minsk, BY (MSQ)
POZ-OLB(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport(OLB) Olbia Costa Smeralda AirportPoznań, PL (POZ) to Olbia (SS), IT (OLB)
POZ-KVA(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport(KVA) Alexander the Great International AirportPoznań, PL (POZ) to Kavala, GR (KVA)
POZ-ADB(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport(ADB) Adnan Menderes International AirportPoznań, PL (POZ) to İzmir, TR (ADB)
POZ-PFO(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport(PFO) Paphos International AirportPoznań, PL (POZ) to Paphos, CY (PFO)
POZ-LGG(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport(LGG) Liège AirportPoznań, PL (POZ) to Liège, BE (LGG)
POZ-BJV(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport(BJV) Milas Bodrum International AirportPoznań, PL (POZ) to Bodrum, TR (BJV)
POZ-MIR(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport(MIR) Monastir Habib Bourguiba International AirportPoznań, PL (POZ) to Monastir, TN (MIR)
POZ-HRG(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport(HRG) Hurghada International AirportPoznań, PL (POZ) to Hurghada, EG (HRG)
POZ-AYT(POZ) Poznań-Ławica Airport(AYT) Antalya International AirportPoznań, PL (POZ) to Antalya, TR (AYT)

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