Pope Field (POB)

Fayetteville, United States

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Latitude: 35.1709
Longitude -79.0145
Elevation: 217 ft
Local Code: POB

Last updated flights departing from POB

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
OAE 523Omni Air International(POB) Pope Field8:45 AM(SNN) Shannon
5Y 8948Atlas Air(POB) Pope Field11:50 AM(NGU) Norfolk
OAE 583Omni Air International(POB) Pope Field9:30 AM(BGR) Bangor
DL 8965Delta Air Lines(POB) Pope Field1:45 PM(SRQ) Sarasota
G4 8091Allegiant Air(POB) Pope Field6:30 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
OAE 523Omni Air International(POB) Pope Field5:00 PM(SNN) Shannon
OAE 587Omni Air International(POB) Pope Field8:30 AM(SNN) Shannon
5Y 8230Atlas Air(POB) Pope Field8:25 AM(RJK) Rijeka
OAE 529Omni Air International(POB) Pope Field7:45 AM(SNN) Shannon
OAE 501Omni Air International(POB) Pope Field2:30 PM(COS) Colorado Springs
BSK 246Miami Air International(POB) Pope Field12:10 PM(BIF) El Paso
SPA 709Sierra Pacific Airlines(POB) Pope Field3:00 PM(BIF) El Paso
SPA 708Sierra Pacific Airlines(POB) Pope Field2:00 PM(BIF) El Paso
WN 7029Southwest Airlines(POB) Pope Field12:30 PM(BIF) El Paso
SPA 709Sierra Pacific Airlines(POB) Pope Field12:30 PM(BIF) El Paso

Last added routes from POB

Route Origin Destination
POB-SRQ(POB) Pope Field(SRQ) Sarasota Bradenton International AirportFayetteville, US (POB) to Sarasota/Bradenton, US (SRQ)
POB-LAS(POB) Pope Field(LAS) McCarran International AirportFayetteville, US (POB) to Las Vegas, US (LAS)
POB-RJK(POB) Pope Field(RJK) Rijeka AirportFayetteville, US (POB) to Rijeka, HR (RJK)
POB-MCI(POB) Pope Field(MCI) Kansas City International AirportFayetteville, US (POB) to Kansas City, US (MCI)
POB-FCA(POB) Pope Field(FCA) Glacier Park International AirportFayetteville, US (POB) to Kalispell, US (FCA)
POB-SYR(POB) Pope Field(SYR) Syracuse Hancock International AirportFayetteville, US (POB) to Syracuse, US (SYR)
POB-MCO(POB) Pope Field(MCO) Orlando International AirportFayetteville, US (POB) to Orlando, US (MCO)
POB-RIV(POB) Pope Field(RIV) March ARB AirportFayetteville, US (POB) to Riverside, US (RIV)
POB-SDF(POB) Pope Field(SDF) Louisville International Standiford FieldFayetteville, US (POB) to Louisville, US (SDF)
POB-DTW(POB) Pope Field(DTW) Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County AirportFayetteville, US (POB) to Detroit, US (DTW)

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