Pamplona Airport (PNA)

Pamplona, Spain

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Latitude: 42.77
Longitude -1.64633
Elevation: 1504 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from PNA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
IB 8531Iberia(PNA) Pamplona Airport9:10 PM(MAD) Madrid
QR 6943Qatar Airways(PNA) Pamplona Airport2:00 PM(MAD) Madrid
BA 7219British Airways(PNA) Pamplona Airport2:00 PM(MAD) Madrid
AV 6171AVIANCA(PNA) Pamplona Airport2:00 PM(MAD) Madrid
AA 8514American Airlines(PNA) Pamplona Airport2:00 PM(MAD) Madrid
IB 8539Iberia(PNA) Pamplona Airport2:00 PM(MAD) Madrid
LH 1119Lufthansa(PNA) Pamplona Airport1:00 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
QR 6558Qatar Airways(PNA) Pamplona Airport9:45 AM(MAD) Madrid
BA 7217British Airways(PNA) Pamplona Airport9:45 AM(MAD) Madrid
AV 6057AVIANCA(PNA) Pamplona Airport9:45 AM(MAD) Madrid
AA 8512American Airlines(PNA) Pamplona Airport9:45 AM(MAD) Madrid
IB 8533Iberia(PNA) Pamplona Airport9:45 AM(MAD) Madrid
QR 6557Qatar Airways(PNA) Pamplona Airport6:40 AM(MAD) Madrid
BA 7215British Airways(PNA) Pamplona Airport6:40 AM(MAD) Madrid
AV 6172AVIANCA(PNA) Pamplona Airport6:40 AM(MAD) Madrid

Last added routes from PNA

Route Origin Destination
PNA-DME(PNA) Pamplona Airport(DME) Domodedovo International AirportPamplona, ES (PNA) to Moscow, RU (DME)
PNA-FRA(PNA) Pamplona Airport(FRA) Frankfurt am Main AirportPamplona, ES (PNA) to Frankfurt am Main, DE (FRA)
PNA-EAS(PNA) Pamplona Airport(EAS) San Sebastian AirportPamplona, ES (PNA) to Hondarribia, ES (EAS)
PNA-BCN(PNA) Pamplona Airport(BCN) Barcelona International AirportPamplona, ES (PNA) to Barcelona, ES (BCN)
PNA-ALG(PNA) Pamplona Airport(ALG) Houari Boumediene AirportPamplona, ES (PNA) to Algiers, DZ (ALG)
PNA-TFN(PNA) Pamplona Airport(TFN) Tenerife Norte AirportPamplona, ES (PNA) to Tenerife Island, ES (TFN)
PNA-PMI(PNA) Pamplona Airport(PMI) Palma De Mallorca AirportPamplona, ES (PNA) to Palma De Mallorca, ES (PMI)
PNA-MAH(PNA) Pamplona Airport(MAH) Menorca AirportPamplona, ES (PNA) to Menorca Island, ES (MAH)
PNA-MAD(PNA) Pamplona Airport(MAD) Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas AirportPamplona, ES (PNA) to Madrid, ES (MAD)

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