Charlotte County Airport (PGD)

Punta Gorda, United States

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Latitude: 26.9202
Longitude -81.9905
Elevation: 26 ft
Local Code: PGD

Last updated flights departing from PGD

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
XOJ 750XOJET(PGD) Charlotte County Airport5:28 PM(RDU) Raleigh/Durham
G4 1305Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport8:43 PM(CVG) Cincinnati
G4 1851Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport6:03 PM(IND) Indianapolis
G4 1692Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport5:20 PM(LCK) Columbus
G4 1658Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport2:49 PM(SBN) South Bend
G4 1405Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport2:39 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh
G4 1652Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport2:29 PM(LEX) Lexington
G4 1600Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport2:19 PM(GRR) Grand Rapids
G4 1596Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport2:09 PM(ROC) Rochester
G4 1674Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport1:03 PM(TOL) Toledo
G4 1676Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport12:22 PM(AVL) Asheville
G4 1811Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport10:05 AM(IND) Indianapolis
G4 1393Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport8:00 AM(CVG) Cincinnati
G4 1670Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport7:40 AM(RFD) Rockford
G4 1660Allegiant Air(PGD) Charlotte County Airport7:30 AM(FWA) Fort Wayne

Last added routes from PGD

Route Origin Destination
PGD-BTV(PGD) Charlotte County Airport(BTV) Burlington International AirportPunta Gorda, US (PGD) to Burlington, US (BTV)
PGD-PLS(PGD) Charlotte County Airport(PLS) Providenciales AirportPunta Gorda, US (PGD) to Providenciales Island, TC (PLS)
PGD-LAS(PGD) Charlotte County Airport(LAS) McCarran International AirportPunta Gorda, US (PGD) to Las Vegas, US (LAS)
PGD-MTN(PGD) Charlotte County Airport(MTN) Martin State AirportPunta Gorda, US (PGD) to Baltimore, US (MTN)
PGD-ICT(PGD) Charlotte County Airport(ICT) Wichita Eisenhower National AirportPunta Gorda, US (PGD) to Wichita, US (ICT)
PGD-RWL(PGD) Charlotte County Airport(RWL) Rawlins Municipal Airport/Harvey FieldPunta Gorda, US (PGD) to Rawlins, US (RWL)
PGD-SAV(PGD) Charlotte County Airport(SAV) Savannah Hilton Head International AirportPunta Gorda, US (PGD) to Savannah, US (SAV)
PGD-KOQU(PGD) Charlotte County Airport(KOQU) Punta Gorda, US (PGD) to KOQU
PGD-MQY(PGD) Charlotte County Airport(MQY) Smyrna AirportPunta Gorda, US (PGD) to Smyrna, US (MQY)
PGD-OKC(PGD) Charlotte County Airport(OKC) Will Rogers World AirportPunta Gorda, US (PGD) to Oklahoma City, US (OKC)

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