DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK)

Atlanta, United States

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Latitude: 33.8756
Longitude -84.302
Elevation: 1003 ft
Local Code: PDK

Last updated flights departing from PDK

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 658NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport7:30 AM(BNA) Nashville
1I 541NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport7:30 AM(HPN) Westchester County
LXJ 417Flexjet(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport5:30 PM(RDU) Raleigh/Durham
1I 726NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport2:30 PM(SSI) Brunswick
XOJ 545XOJET(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport11:45 AM(ILG) Wilmington
1I 576NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport11:36 AM(KFFC) Atlanta
1I 679NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport11:21 AM(KFFC) Atlanta
42P 851Regional Sky(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport4:00 PM(LUK) Cincinnati
1I 656NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport3:15 PM(DAL) Dallas
1I 398NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport8:45 AM(HHH) Hilton Head
1I 564NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport8:30 AM(UST) Saint Augustine
1I 659NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport7:30 AM(LIT) Little Rock
OPT 367Flight Options(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport7:00 AM(SUA) Stuart
OPT 368Flight Options(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport4:30 PM(AVL) Asheville
42P 851Regional Sky(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport4:00 PM(LUK) Cincinnati

Last added routes from PDK

Route Origin Destination
PDK-FWA(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(FWA) Fort Wayne International AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Fort Wayne, US (FWA)
PDK-PHX(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor International AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Phoenix, US (PHX)
PDK-ETS(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(ETS) Enterprise Municipal AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Enterprise, US (ETS)
PDK-LOU(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(LOU) Bowman FieldAtlanta, US (PDK) to Louisville, US (LOU)
PDK-LOM(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(LOM) Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Lagos de Moreno, MX (LOM)
PDK-AXA(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(AXA) Wallblake AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to The Valley, AI (AXA)
PDK-ITH(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(ITH) Ithaca Tompkins Regional AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Ithaca, US (ITH)
PDK-GYR(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(GYR) Phoenix Goodyear AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Goodyear, US (GYR)
PDK-MHH(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(MHH) Leonard M Thompson International AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Marsh Harbour, BS (MHH)
PDK-FCM(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(FCM) Flying Cloud AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Minneapolis, US (FCM)

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