DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK)

Atlanta, United States

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Latitude: 33.8756
Longitude -84.302
Elevation: 1003 ft
Local Code: PDK

Last updated flights departing from PDK

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
42P 522Regional Sky(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport8:35 AM(CLT) Charlotte
1I 419NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport8:09 AM(INT) Winston-Salem
JTL 480Jet Linx Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport7:00 AM(CHS) Charleston
1I 621NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport6:18 PM(VRB) Vero Beach
CNS 802PlaneSense(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport5:50 AM(GMU) Greenville
JTL 73Jet Linx Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport4:45 AM(BNA) Nashville
JTL 884Jet Linx Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport4:45 AM(BNA) Nashville
SKQ 44LabCorp(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport3:15 AM(BHM) Birmingham
1I 559NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport5:30 PM(MSY) New Orleans
1I 756NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport4:27 PM(AGS) Augusta
1I 795NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport4:12 PM(ICT) Wichita
42P 851Regional Sky(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport3:45 PM(LUK) Cincinnati
GAJ 890Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport3:45 PM(TYS) Knoxville
CNS 319PlaneSense(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport3:30 PM(FMY) Fort Myers
42P 524Regional Sky(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport3:30 PM(CLT) Charlotte

Last added routes from PDK

Route Origin Destination
PDK-GDC(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(GDC) Donaldson Field AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Greenville, US (GDC)
PDK-BFT(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(BFT) Beaufort County AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Beaufort, US (BFT)
PDK-LOZ(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(LOZ) London-Corbin Airport/Magee FieldAtlanta, US (PDK) to London, US (LOZ)
PDK-EWB(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(EWB) New Bedford Regional AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to New Bedford, US (EWB)
PDK-HAV(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(HAV) José Martí International AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Havana, CU (HAV)
PDK-BGR(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(BGR) Bangor International AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Bangor, US (BGR)
PDK-RDM(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(RDM) Roberts FieldAtlanta, US (PDK) to Redmond, US (RDM)
PDK-LBL(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(LBL) Liberal Mid-America Regional AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Liberal, US (LBL)
PDK-SGH(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(SGH) Springfield-Beckley Municipal AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Springfield, US (SGH)
PDK-MEZ(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(MEZ) Musina(Messina) AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Musina, ZA (MEZ)

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