DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK)

Atlanta, United States

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Latitude: 33.8756
Longitude -84.302
Elevation: 1003 ft
Local Code: PDK

Last updated flights departing from PDK

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 348NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport10:45 AM(SSI) Brunswick
1I 525NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport10:45 AM(YVR) Vancouver
1I 614NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport10:03 AM(RDU) Raleigh/Durham
CNS 9PlaneSense(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport10:00 AM(SSI) Brunswick
1I 532NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport9:42 AM(GGE) Georgetown
42P 522Regional Sky(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport8:35 AM(CLT) Charlotte
1I 522NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport7:42 PM(DAL) Dallas
DPJ 279Delta Private Jets(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport7:30 PM(PIE) Saint Petersburg
42P 526Regional Sky(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport12:30 PM(CLT) Charlotte
42P 522Regional Sky(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport8:35 AM(CLT) Charlotte
1I 637NetJets Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport2:00 PM(GGE) Georgetown
JTL 58Jet Linx Aviation(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport2:00 PM(SSI) Brunswick
TMC 482Travel Management(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport12:50 PM(APF) Naples
RSP 868JetSuite(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport12:30 PM(HVN) New Haven
OPT 372Flight Options(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport12:02 PM(KJQF) Concord

Last added routes from PDK

Route Origin Destination
PDK-YVR(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(YVR) Vancouver International AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Vancouver, CA (YVR)
PDK-GGG(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(GGG) East Texas Regional AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Longview, US (GGG)
PDK-SGF(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(SGF) Springfield Branson National AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Springfield, US (SGF)
PDK-CGE(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(CGE) Cambridge Dorchester AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Cambridge, US (CGE)
PDK-DCU(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(DCU) Pryor Field Regional AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Decatur, US (DCU)
PDK-BMG(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(BMG) Monroe County AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Bloomington, US (BMG)
PDK-GLS(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(GLS) Scholes International At Galveston AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Galveston, US (GLS)
PDK-ART(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(ART) Watertown International AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Watertown, US (ART)
PDK-ECG(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(ECG) Elizabeth City Regional Airport & Coast Guard Air Atlanta, US (PDK) to Elizabeth City, US (ECG)
PDK-HNB(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree Airport(HNB) Huntingburg AirportAtlanta, US (PDK) to Huntingburg, US (HNB)

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