Tolmachevo Airport (OVB)

Novosibirsk, Russia

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Latitude: 55.0126
Longitude 82.6507
Elevation: 365 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from OVB

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
S7 3277S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport4:45 AM(NSK) Noril'sk
S7 3255S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport4:10 AM(MJZ) Mirnyj
S7 853S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport3:30 AM(URC) Urumqi
S7 873S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport11:50 PM(PEK) Beijing
R3 490Yakutia(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport11:45 PM(YKS) Yakutsk
S7 3267S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport11:40 PM(BQS) Blagoveschensk
S7 5287S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport11:25 PM(ALA) Almaty
S7 3251S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport11:10 PM(YKS) Yakutsk
HY 7665Uzbekistan Airways(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport11:10 PM(VVO) Vladivostok
S7 3279S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport11:10 PM(VVO) Vladivostok
HY 7669Uzbekistan Airways(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport11:05 PM(UUS) Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
S7 3269S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport11:05 PM(UUS) Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
OZ 6581Asiana Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport10:55 PM(KHV) Khabarovsk
HY 7661Uzbekistan Airways(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport10:55 PM(KHV) Khabarovsk
S7 3509S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport10:55 PM(KHV) Khabarovsk

Last added routes from OVB

Route Origin Destination
OVB-NYM(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(NYM) Nadym AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Nadym, RU (NYM)
OVB-EYK(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(EYK) Beloyarskiy AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to EYK
OVB-KGP(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(KGP) Kogalym International AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Kogalym, RU (KGP)
OVB-STN(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(STN) London Stansted AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to London, GB (STN)
OVB-PQC(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(PQC) Phu Quoc International AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Phu Quoc Island, VN (PQC)
OVB-GOI(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(GOI) Dabolim AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Vasco da Gama, IN (GOI)
OVB-CXR(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(CXR) Cam Ranh AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Nha Trang, VN (CXR)
OVB-KIX(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(KIX) Kansai International AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Osaka, JP (KIX)
OVB-UKX(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(UKX) Ust-Kut AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Ust-Kut, RU (UKX)
OVB-DSN(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(DSN) Ordos Ejin Horo AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Ordos, CN (DSN)

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