Tolmachevo Airport (OVB)

Novosibirsk, Russia

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Latitude: 55.0126
Longitude 82.6507
Elevation: 365 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from OVB

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
S7 3275S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport2:35 AM(IKT) Irkutsk
S7 581S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport2:35 AM(BKK) Bangkok
S7 831S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport1:45 AM(HKG) Hong Kong
SMR 222Somon Air(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport12:10 AM(DYU) Dushanbe
IB 7232Iberia(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport8:45 PM(DME) Moscow
QR 5760Qatar Airways(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport8:45 PM(DME) Moscow
EK 7884Emirates(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport8:45 PM(DME) Moscow
LY 8976El Al(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport8:45 PM(DME) Moscow
S7 176S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport8:45 PM(DME) Moscow
S7 4103S7 Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport8:35 PM(TJM) Tyumen
YC 262Yamal Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport8:35 PM(TJM) Tyumen
R3 490Yakutia(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport8:25 PM(YKS) Yakutsk
IK 801Angara Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport7:45 PM(UFA) Ufa
TYA 915NordStar Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport7:40 PM(KRR) Krasnodar
IK 756Angara Airlines(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport7:30 PM(IKT) Irkutsk

Last added routes from OVB

Route Origin Destination
OVB-KIX(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(KIX) Kansai International AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Osaka, JP (KIX)
OVB-UKX(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(UKX) Ust-Kut AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Ust-Kut, RU (UKX)
OVB-DSN(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(DSN) Ordos Ejin Horo AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Ordos, CN (DSN)
OVB-TOF(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(TOF) Bogashevo AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Tomsk, RU (TOF)
OVB-KGF(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(KGF) Sary-Arka AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Karaganda, KZ (KGF)
OVB-PWE(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(PWE) Pevek AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Pevek, RU (PWE)
OVB-PEE(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(PEE) Bolshoye Savino AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Perm, RU (PEE)
OVB-IAA(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(IAA) Igarka AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Igarka, RU (IAA)
OVB-IKU(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(IKU) Issyk-Kul International AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Tamchy, KG (IKU)
OVB-GDZ(OVB) Tolmachevo Airport(GDZ) Gelendzhik AirportNovosibirsk, RU (OVB) to Gelendzhik, RU (GDZ)

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