Osan Air Base (OSN)

South Korea

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Latitude: 37.0906
Longitude 127.03
Elevation: 38 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from OSN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
K4 9406Kalitta Air(OSN) Osan Air Base9:15 AM(ANC) Anchorage
5Y 8551Atlas Air(OSN) Osan Air Base9:40 AM(ANC) Anchorage
5Y 8034Atlas Air(OSN) Osan Air Base2:50 PM(ANC) Anchorage
5Y 8876Atlas Air(OSN) Osan Air Base8:45 PM(CVG) Cincinnati
5Y 8870Atlas Air(OSN) Osan Air Base3:10 PM(SUU) Fairfield
5Y 8575Atlas Air(OSN) Osan Air Base12:00 PM(EDF) Anchorage
5Y 8575Atlas Air(OSN) Osan Air Base9:43 PM(EDF) Anchorage
5Y 8772Atlas Air(OSN) Osan Air Base6:00 AM(SUU) Fairfield
5Y 8464Atlas Air(OSN) Osan Air Base8:55 AM(ANC) Anchorage
5Y 8510Atlas Air(OSN) Osan Air Base10:35 AM(ANC) Anchorage
OAE 341Omni Air International(OSN) Osan Air Base1:00 PM(ANC) Anchorage
OAE 345Omni Air International(OSN) Osan Air Base5:15 PM(ANC) Anchorage
5Y 8768Atlas Air(OSN) Osan Air Base1:10 PM(ANC) Anchorage
OAE 343Omni Air International(OSN) Osan Air Base7:30 PM(ANC) Anchorage
OAE 602Omni Air International(OSN) Osan Air Base9:15 AM(ANC) Anchorage

Last added routes from OSN

Route Origin Destination
OSN-CVG(OSN) Osan Air Base(CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International AirportOSN to Cincinnati, US (CVG)
OSN-SUU(OSN) Osan Air Base(SUU) Travis Air Force BaseOSN to Fairfield, US (SUU)
OSN-EDF(OSN) Osan Air Base(EDF) Elmendorf Air Force BaseOSN to Anchorage, US (EDF)
OSN-TCM(OSN) Osan Air Base(TCM) McChord Air Force BaseOSN to Tacoma, US (TCM)
OSN-PEK(OSN) Osan Air Base(PEK) Beijing Capital International AirportOSN to Beijing, CN (PEK)
OSN-DFW(OSN) Osan Air Base(DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International AirportOSN to Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW)
OSN-SEA(OSN) Osan Air Base(SEA) Seattle Tacoma International AirportOSN to Seattle, US (SEA)
OSN-CRK(OSN) Osan Air Base(CRK) Clark International AirportOSN to Angeles City, PH (CRK)
OSN-BWI(OSN) Osan Air Base(BWI) Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood MarshaOSN to Baltimore, US (BWI)
OSN-GUM(OSN) Osan Air Base(GUM) Antonio B. Won Pat International AirportOSN to Hagåtña, Guam International Airport, GU (GUM)

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