Paris-Orly Airport (ORY)

Paris, France

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Latitude: 48.7233
Longitude 2.37944
Elevation: 291 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from ORY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AF 644Air France(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:55 PM(RUN) Saint Denis de la Reunion
TU 721Tunisair(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:55 PM(TUN) Tunis
U2 4245easyJet(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:50 PM(FCO) Rome
HOP 7783HOP!(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:50 PM(BIA) Bastia
AF 4463Air France(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:50 PM(BIA) Bastia
XK 783Air Corsica(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:50 PM(BIA) Bastia
HOP 5134HOP!(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:45 PM(TLS) Toulouse
UX 3461Air Europa(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:45 PM(TLS) Toulouse
AF 6134Air France(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:45 PM(TLS) Toulouse
IB 5939Iberia(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:45 PM(VLC) Valencia
VY 8155Vueling(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:45 PM(VLC) Valencia
TO 3188Transavia France(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:45 PM(MAD) Madrid
HOP 7779HOP!(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:45 PM(AJA) Ajaccio
AF 4455Air France(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:45 PM(AJA) Ajaccio
XK 779Air Corsica(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport5:45 PM(AJA) Ajaccio

Last added routes from ORY

Route Origin Destination
ORY-GRZ(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport(GRZ) Graz AirportParis, FR (ORY) to Graz, AT (GRZ)
ORY-BDA(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport(BDA) L.F. Wade International International AirportParis, FR (ORY) to Hamilton, BM (BDA)
ORY-FRA(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport(FRA) Frankfurt am Main AirportParis, FR (ORY) to Frankfurt am Main, DE (FRA)
ORY-PEK(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport(PEK) Beijing Capital International AirportParis, FR (ORY) to Beijing, CN (PEK)
ORY-SDQ(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport(SDQ) Las Américas International AirportParis, FR (ORY) to Santo Domingo, DO (SDQ)
ORY-XCR(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport(XCR) Châlons-Vatry AirportParis, FR (ORY) to Vatry, FR (XCR)
ORY-CHR(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport(CHR) Châteauroux-Déols "Marcel Dassault" AirportParis, FR (ORY) to Châteauroux/Déols, FR (CHR)
ORY-VCP(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport(VCP) Viracopos International AirportParis, FR (ORY) to Campinas, BR (VCP)
ORY-LCG(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport(LCG) A Coruña AirportParis, FR (ORY) to Culleredo, ES (LCG)
ORY-SFO(ORY) Paris-Orly Airport(SFO) San Francisco International AirportParis, FR (ORY) to San Francisco, US (SFO)

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