Omsk Central Airport (OMS)

Omsk, Russia

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Latitude: 54.967
Longitude 73.3105
Elevation: 311 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from OMS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
IAE 214IrAero(OMS) Omsk Central Airport8:00 PM(IKT) Irkutsk
S7 3006S7 Airlines(OMS) Omsk Central Airport6:05 PM(OVB) Novosibirsk
A4* 426Azimuth Airlines(OMS) Omsk Central Airport6:00 PM(VKO) Moscow
QR 5679Qatar Airways(OMS) Omsk Central Airport5:25 PM(DME) Moscow
LY 8970El Al(OMS) Omsk Central Airport5:25 PM(DME) Moscow
EK 7936Emirates(OMS) Omsk Central Airport5:25 PM(DME) Moscow
S7 170S7 Airlines(OMS) Omsk Central Airport5:25 PM(DME) Moscow
SU 1641Aeroflot(OMS) Omsk Central Airport1:45 PM(SVO) Moscow
KC 280Air Astana(OMS) Omsk Central Airport11:00 AM(TSE) Astana
IAE 201IrAero(OMS) Omsk Central Airport10:45 AM(DME) Moscow
IAE 213IrAero(OMS) Omsk Central Airport10:00 AM(KRR) Krasnodar
WZ 708Red Wings(OMS) Omsk Central Airport9:30 AM(SIP) Simferopol
KL 2949KLM(OMS) Omsk Central Airport8:10 AM(SVO) Moscow
AZ 5660Alitalia(OMS) Omsk Central Airport8:10 AM(SVO) Moscow
AF 4937Air France(OMS) Omsk Central Airport8:10 AM(SVO) Moscow

Last added routes from OMS

Route Origin Destination
OMS-AYT(OMS) Omsk Central Airport(AYT) Antalya International AirportOmsk, RU (OMS) to Antalya, TR (AYT)
OMS-UTP(OMS) Omsk Central Airport(UTP) U-Tapao International AirportOmsk, RU (OMS) to Rayong, TH (UTP)
OMS-GOI(OMS) Omsk Central Airport(GOI) Dabolim AirportOmsk, RU (OMS) to Vasco da Gama, IN (GOI)
OMS-HKT(OMS) Omsk Central Airport(HKT) Phuket International AirportOmsk, RU (OMS) to Phuket, TH (HKT)
OMS-OVB(OMS) Omsk Central Airport(OVB) Tolmachevo AirportOmsk, RU (OMS) to Novosibirsk, RU (OVB)
OMS-SKG(OMS) Omsk Central Airport(SKG) Thessaloniki Macedonia International AirportOmsk, RU (OMS) to Thessaloniki, GR (SKG)
OMS-NOJ(OMS) Omsk Central Airport(NOJ) Noyabrsk AirportOmsk, RU (OMS) to Noyabrsk, RU (NOJ)
OMS-HMA(OMS) Omsk Central Airport(HMA) Khanty Mansiysk AirportOmsk, RU (OMS) to Khanty-Mansiysk, RU (HMA)
OMS-NOZ(OMS) Omsk Central Airport(NOZ) Spichenkovo AirportOmsk, RU (OMS) to Novokuznetsk, RU (NOZ)
OMS-VKO(OMS) Omsk Central Airport(VKO) Vnukovo International AirportOmsk, RU (OMS) to Moscow, RU (VKO)

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