Eppley Airfield (OMA)

Omaha, United States

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Latitude: 41.3032
Longitude -95.8941
Elevation: 984 ft
Local Code: OMA

Last updated flights departing from OMA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
WN 3161Southwest Airlines(OMA) Eppley Airfield8:10 PM(PHX) Phoenix
USC 384AirNet(OMA) Eppley Airfield8:00 PM(APA) Denver
KL 7989KLM(OMA) Eppley Airfield7:50 PM(MSP) Minneapolis
KL 5407KLM(OMA) Eppley Airfield7:50 PM(MSP) Minneapolis
WS 7317WestJet(OMA) Eppley Airfield7:50 PM(MSP) Minneapolis
DL 3948Delta Air Lines(OMA) Eppley Airfield7:50 PM(MSP) Minneapolis
WN 4367Southwest Airlines(OMA) Eppley Airfield7:45 PM(MDW) Chicago
AS 4007Alaska Airlines(OMA) Eppley Airfield7:42 PM(ORD) Chicago
BA 5512British Airways(OMA) Eppley Airfield7:42 PM(ORD) Chicago
AA 4061American Airlines(OMA) Eppley Airfield7:42 PM(ORD) Chicago
WN 4087Southwest Airlines(OMA) Eppley Airfield7:40 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
AC 3104Air Canada(OMA) Eppley Airfield6:50 PM(EWR) Newark
UA 3752United Airlines(OMA) Eppley Airfield6:50 PM(EWR) Newark
AC 4901Air Canada(OMA) Eppley Airfield6:35 PM(ORD) Chicago
NZ 2716Air New Zealand(OMA) Eppley Airfield6:35 PM(ORD) Chicago

Last added routes from OMA

Route Origin Destination
OMA-UIN(OMA) Eppley Airfield(UIN) Quincy Regional Baldwin FieldOmaha, US (OMA) to Quincy, US (UIN)
OMA-GUC(OMA) Eppley Airfield(GUC) Gunnison Crested Butte Regional AirportOmaha, US (OMA) to Gunnison, US (GUC)
OMA-KFTG(OMA) Eppley Airfield(KFTG) Omaha, US (OMA) to KFTG
OMA-HCR(OMA) Eppley Airfield(HCR) Holy Cross AirportOmaha, US (OMA) to Holy Cross, US (HCR)
OMA-OWB(OMA) Eppley Airfield(OWB) Owensboro Daviess County AirportOmaha, US (OMA) to Owensboro, US (OWB)
OMA-P33(OMA) Eppley Airfield(P33) Omaha, US (OMA) to P33
OMA-ATO(OMA) Eppley Airfield(ATO) Ohio University Snyder FieldOmaha, US (OMA) to Athens/Albany, US (ATO)
OMA-ENV(OMA) Eppley Airfield(ENV) Wendover AirportOmaha, US (OMA) to Wendover, US (ENV)
OMA-YYB(OMA) Eppley Airfield(YYB) North Bay Jack Garland AirportOmaha, US (OMA) to North Bay, CA (YYB)
OMA-FAY(OMA) Eppley Airfield(FAY) Fayetteville Regional Grannis FieldOmaha, US (OMA) to Fayetteville, US (FAY)

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