Olympia Regional Airport (OLM)

Olympia, United States

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Latitude: 46.9694
Longitude -122.903
Elevation: 209 ft
Local Code: OLM

Last updated flights departing from OLM

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
EJM 345Executive Jet Management(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport10:30 AM(MHR) Sacramento
M5 787Kenmore Air(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport5:30 PM(BFI) Seattle
M5 787Kenmore Air(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport5:30 PM(BFI) Seattle
M5 10Kenmore Air(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport5:45 PM(BFI) Seattle
1I 407NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport12:00 PM(SCF) Phoenix
1I 557NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport11:00 AM(AUS) Austin
1I 407NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport3:54 PM(FCA) Kalispell
1I 797NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport8:30 AM(TUL) Tulsa
1I 225NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport9:51 AM(PDX) Portland
1I 788NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport1:00 PM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 113NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport1:00 PM(SBA) Santa Barbara
1I 145NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport9:51 AM(SJC) San Jose
1I 345NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport10:00 AM(EKS) Ennis
1I 739NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport7:15 AM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 751NetJets Aviation(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport9:54 AM(SFO) San Francisco

Last added routes from OLM

Route Origin Destination
OLM-MHR(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport(MHR) Sacramento Mather AirportOlympia, US (OLM) to Sacramento, US (MHR)
OLM-AUS(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport(AUS) Austin Robert Mueller MunicipalOlympia, US (OLM) to AUS
OLM-TUL(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport(TUL) Tulsa International AirportOlympia, US (OLM) to Tulsa, US (TUL)
OLM-O46(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport(O46) Olympia, US (OLM) to O46
OLM-PWT(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport(PWT) Bremerton National AirportOlympia, US (OLM) to Bremerton, US (PWT)
OLM-PSC(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport(PSC) Tri Cities AirportOlympia, US (OLM) to Pasco, US (PSC)
OLM-TUS(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport(TUS) Tucson International AirportOlympia, US (OLM) to Tucson, US (TUS)
OLM-ORD(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport(ORD) Chicago O'Hare International AirportOlympia, US (OLM) to Chicago, US (ORD)
OLM-SGU(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport(SGU) St George Municipal AirportOlympia, US (OLM) to St George, US (SGU)
OLM-BDN(OLM) Olympia Regional Airport(BDN) Talhar AirportOlympia, US (OLM) to Badin, PK (BDN)

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