Oita Airport (OIT)

Oita, Japan

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Latitude: 33.4794
Longitude 131.737
Elevation: 19 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from OIT

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
JL 6072JAL(OIT) Oita Airport8:35 PM(NRT) Tokyo
QF 5076Qantas(OIT) Oita Airport8:35 PM(NRT) Tokyo
GK 606Jetstar Japan(OIT) Oita Airport8:35 PM(NRT) Tokyo
NH 3170ANA(OIT) Oita Airport8:30 PM(NGO) Nagoya
FW 70IBEX Airlines(OIT) Oita Airport8:30 PM(NGO) Nagoya
NH 3794ANA(OIT) Oita Airport8:05 PM(HND) Tokyo
SNJ 94Solaseed Air(OIT) Oita Airport8:05 PM(HND) Tokyo
JL 2366JAL(OIT) Oita Airport7:30 PM(ITM) Osaka
QR 6078Qatar Airways(OIT) Oita Airport7:10 PM(HND) Tokyo
HA 5356Hawaiian Airlines(OIT) Oita Airport7:10 PM(HND) Tokyo
JL 674JAL(OIT) Oita Airport7:10 PM(HND) Tokyo
NH 1692ANA(OIT) Oita Airport6:55 PM(ITM) Osaka
NH 800ANA(OIT) Oita Airport6:10 PM(HND) Tokyo
TWB 228T'Way Air(OIT) Oita Airport5:30 PM(PUS) Busan
NH 3792ANA(OIT) Oita Airport5:00 PM(HND) Tokyo

Last added routes from OIT

Route Origin Destination
OIT-MWX(OIT) Oita Airport(MWX) Muan International AirportOita, JP (OIT) to Piseo-ri (Muan), KR (MWX)
OIT-PUS(OIT) Oita Airport(PUS) Gimhae International AirportOita, JP (OIT) to Busan, KR (PUS)
OIT-GUM(OIT) Oita Airport(GUM) Antonio B. Won Pat International AirportOita, JP (OIT) to Hagåtña, Guam International Airport, GU (GUM)
OIT-RMQ(OIT) Oita Airport(RMQ) Taichung Ching Chuang Kang AirportOita, JP (OIT) to Taichung City, TW (RMQ)
OIT-ICN(OIT) Oita Airport(ICN) Incheon International AirportOita, JP (OIT) to Seoul, KR (ICN)
OIT-NRT(OIT) Oita Airport(NRT) Narita International AirportOita, JP (OIT) to Tokyo, JP (NRT)
OIT-NGO(OIT) Oita Airport(NGO) Chubu Centrair International AirportOita, JP (OIT) to Tokoname, JP (NGO)
OIT-ITM(OIT) Oita Airport(ITM) Osaka International AirportOita, JP (OIT) to Osaka, JP (ITM)
OIT-HND(OIT) Oita Airport(HND) Tokyo Haneda International AirportOita, JP (OIT) to Tokyo, JP (HND)

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