Moffett Federal Airfield (NUQ)

Mountain View, United States

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Latitude: 37.4161
Longitude -122.049
Elevation: 32 ft
Local Code: NUQ

Last updated flights departing from NUQ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 313NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield3:00 PM(SJC) San Jose
1I 545NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield1:30 PM(SBA) Santa Barbara
1I 147NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield2:39 PM(TUS) Tucson
1I 593NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield2:00 PM(SBA) Santa Barbara
1I 593NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield11:21 AM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 593NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield7:45 PM(SJC) San Jose
1I 581NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield9:30 PM(SJC) San Jose
EJM 512Executive Jet Management(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield4:00 PM(SGR) Houston
1I 787NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield8:05 AM(SBA) Santa Barbara
1I 556NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield12:30 PM(SNA) Santa Ana
1I 393NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield11:39 AM(SMO) Santa Monica
1I 366NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield5:00 PM(SBA) Santa Barbara
XOJ 578XOJET(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield3:34 PM(VNY) Los Angeles
1I 358NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield11:56 AM(SCK) Stockton
1I 565NetJets Aviation(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield6:54 AM(TOA) Torrance

Last added routes from NUQ

Route Origin Destination
NUQ-TOA(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield(TOA) Zamperini FieldMountain View, US (NUQ) to Torrance, US (TOA)
NUQ-KJWN(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield(KJWN) Mountain View, US (NUQ) to KJWN
NUQ-GJT(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield(GJT) Grand Junction Regional AirportMountain View, US (NUQ) to Grand Junction, US (GJT)
NUQ-BOI(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield(BOI) Boise Air Terminal/Gowen FieldMountain View, US (NUQ) to Boise, US (BOI)
NUQ-BWI(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield(BWI) Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood MarshaMountain View, US (NUQ) to Baltimore, US (BWI)
NUQ-PIT(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield(PIT) Pittsburgh International AirportMountain View, US (NUQ) to Pittsburgh, US (PIT)
NUQ-MKC(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield(MKC) Charles B. Wheeler Downtown AirportMountain View, US (NUQ) to Kansas City, US (MKC)
NUQ-PSP(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield(PSP) Palm Springs International AirportMountain View, US (NUQ) to Palm Springs, US (PSP)
NUQ-IAD(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield(IAD) Washington Dulles International AirportMountain View, US (NUQ) to Washington, US (IAD)
NUQ-YEG(NUQ) Moffett Federal Airfield(YEG) Edmonton International AirportMountain View, US (NUQ) to Edmonton, CA (YEG)

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